Survey of a Wedding in Tuscany on Andrej Tarkovskij's footsteps

Behind the scenes of a Survey in Tuscany

At the beginning of the month, we went with La Sposa degli Alberi to San Quirico d'Orcia, near Siena, to "Fattoria La Palazzina", a Tuscany Wedding Venue that will be the background but also the protagonist of Enrico and Nicoletta's Wedding in Tuscany on June the 1st.
First of all, we would like to sincerely thank this special couple for their welcome and the very pleasant day we spent together.
The chosen location, with great emotional value for Nicoletta and Enrico, is truly remarkable, with a beautiful outdoor space, a breathtaking view and typical Tuscan farmhouses' interiors.

Val d'Orcia Landscape

Val d'Orcia vew from the Venue “Fattoria La Palazzina”

As usual, we went around the Villa to observe the best corners, the lighting and giving our advice. We are sure that this location will enhance our work, because photo and videographic images acquire additional beauty in such places. We are excited and thrilled to be able to work in this location and we look forward to show the result to Enrico and Nicoletta, but also to you, our readers.

Tuscany Landscape

A Val d'Orcia landscape, amazing in springtime

After that, the day continued with a delicious lunch at "Il Loggiato" in the nearby medieval village of Bagno Vignoni.
This charming village was the set of Nostalghia by director Andrej Tarkovskij.

Nostalghia poster

Poster of Nostalghia movie

One thing you should know is that I simply adore Andrej Tarkovskij!
Tarkovskij was a Russian director who had a very specific cinematographic style — typical long sequences — and used superlative photography — with perfect compositions — .
His most famous films, although all a bit of niche, are: Solaris, Mirror, Stalker and Nostalghia.

Federico Fellini, another immense director in cinema history, used to visit San Quirico d'Orcia. To tell the truth, He was also a frequent visitor of the Villa "Fattoria La Palazzina".
He spoke about Bagno Vignoni to Tonino Guerra (co-writer of Nostalghia with Tarkovskij), who introduced the village to Andrej.

Piazza delle Sorgenti (mean. Springs Square), Bagno Vignoni

The evocative and unique Piazza delle Sorgenti (mean. Springs Square) in Bagno Vignoni

Tarkovskij was struck by the beauty of Piazza delle Sorgenti, for its uniqueness.
The square, in fact, is composed of a rectangular basin in the center, closed on three sides by a low wall of about one and a half meters and surrounded by sixteenth-century buildings.
In this square was shot one of the most important scene of Nostalghia, where the main character Gorchakov crosses the basin with a lighted candle, being careful to protect it from the wind, until it reaches the opposite side.

For an admirer of Tarkovskij and a Tuscany lover, there could not have been a more pleasant day of inspection than this one.
Immensely thanks again to Enrico and Nicoletta.

Andrej Tarkovskij with actors

A picture of Andrej Tarkovskij and actors from Nostalghia set

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