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A brand new book full of inspiration for your Wedding

Today I would like to introduce you to something different than what you are used to reading on this blog, but which is always about Weddings and, of course, Photography.

During the past year I have been involved by Mary de La Sposa degli Alberi (meaning The Bride of the Trees) in a very exciting project: the creation of a Wedding Ideas Magazine!

But let's start from the beginning: for those who don't know her, Mary is a talented Wedding Designer, as well as being my wife. A semi-unknown profession here in Italy and often confused with that of a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Designer takes care of designing the stylistic side of the event: from invitations to setting table, from scenic design to centerpieces, from ceremony to seating table, every little detail takes shape after a meticulous analysis of the couple and the place where the event will be celebrated.

After ten years of business and about 200 weddings, Mary has decided to get involved with a new idea, being a creative who never succeeds to stop.
She then thought about how to channel her creativity in order to make it available to those looking for inspiration and ideas for their wedding.

The result was this amazing photographic book, Il Libro delle Idee – idee e scenografie per matrimoni (The Book of Ideas - ideas and scenographies for weddings), of which I would like to tell you my point of view, that of who made the over 230 photographs that tell and describe the 12 original scenographies created by La Sposa degli Alberi.

Wedding Ideas Magazine

The Book of Ideas: the cover and the inner pages

Wedding photography quote

What it contains and what is it for?

A few days ago I received an e-mail request for information for a wedding photo shoot, of the kind I rarely get: containing very little information, no phone number and with a immediate request for a quote.

I already know how these requests usually turn out (spoiler: bad). I already know that I should reply that I am already booked for that date, but I always have that underlying optimism that does not allow me to do so and I can only respond politely by explaining that, no, I cannot send a quote under those conditions.

I also know that there is never any nastiness or disrespect behind such a request, so I always try to explain my point of view.
My point of view is that IstantiSenzaTempo does not offer only material goods, as can be the printing of a photograph. IstantiSenzaTempo offers an experience, which begins before the contract is signed and ends (if it ends) long after the event.

You can read the testimonials from our customers, which tell that. And it's evidenced by the WhatsApp groups with "our" couples, that are still alive, fresh and sparkling (however, we keep them for ourselves and do not make them public).
Because we are not machines that assemble a car and take out the bill based on the chosen extra. Our working method is very difficult to include in a list of options and their cost.

Wedding photography quote

Our goal is to give you the freedom to be yourselves and recognize yourselves in the photos we will deliver to you

Civil Ceremony Venues in Rome

Where to get married in a Ceremony Venue in Rome and its surroundings

If you are a couple who want to get married with a civil ceremony in Rome, know that the official possibilities offered by the Municipality of Rome are not exactly the best to aim for: we wrote about it in this previous blog article, which we invite you to read if you haven't already done so.
At the time of writing this article, there are only three options to choose from:

  • the Sala Rossa (meaning Red Hall) at the Capitol;
  • the Complesso Vignola Mattei near the Baths of Caracalla, in the deconsecrated church of Santa Maria in Tempulo;
  • the Sala Azzurra (meaning Azure Hall) at Ostia.

Since there is always a lot of difficulty for you couples (especially if you're foreigners) in knowing which are the Civil Ceremony Venues in Rome where to celebrate an Outdoor Wedding, we decided to draw up a practical list of all those venues we have selected, in Rome and its surroundings, where it is possible to do it. You may not expect it, but there are so many if only you are willing to move a few kilometers away from the Eternal City!

Each venue will be presented to you in the form of a card containing some general information which also includes the complete address, the website and, where possible, some accompanying images.
For convenience, the venuws are strictly listed in alphabetical order to avoid favoritism (any article at the beginning of the name will not be considered).

The list of Civil Ceremony Venues in Rome and its surroundings is certainly not exhaustive, but this page will be often updated with new cards, so save this address so you can easily find it again if you need!
If you have any changes, corrections or additions to report to us, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Civil Ceremony Venues in Rome

7 things you should tell your wedding photographer...

... and 3 things you shouldn't tell him!

There is some information related to your wedding that is invaluable for us photographers (but also for videomakers) in order to do our job better. Since this is a unique event in your life, it would be a good idea that the professional you have chosen telling the wedding day at least ask you for the information that I will list in this article.

If you are our customers, don't worry: we will ask you in time for all the details we need to produce the best wedding photo shoot for you. Maybe, if you are curious, read the article to the end to know what to expect, but above all the reasons why we do it.
For those who are here looking for wedding tips, also on how to choose your wedding photographer, is welcome: in your search for a photographer / videomaker it could be useful ask the professionals in front of you what information they need. So you'll be able to evaluate them based on what you have learned here. Let's get started!

Bride and groom silhouette at sunset

8 tips for your wedding photos

Follow this simple and complete guide to get the best photos of your wedding!

During eetings with our couples we always talk about how they are organizing their wedding. Andrea and I often find ourselves giving them advices and tips, both generic and very specific, on the many topics we deal with. Although we are pleased to give tips on issues that do not concern us strictly as professionals – but that we know deeply, thanks to our experience –, of course what we care the most is the best result for photographs and videos: we often talk about even the simplest precautions to follow in order to obtain the maximum result in every situation.

So I decided to summarize our best tips for your wedding photos by theme. Here they are divided into 8 topics!

8 tips for your wedding photos

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