How to plan a Wedding on the Beach

Ideas, inspirations and practical advice to make your wedding by the sea happen!

Dopo il successo riscontrato dall'articolo precedente su come organizzare un matrimonio nel bosco, ho pensato di approfondire l'argomento dei matrimoni legati a luoghi ben specifici, in questo caso tratto del matrimonio in spiaggia!

Quando quasi 10 anni fa io e mia moglie ci siamo sposati, avremmo tanto voluto organizzare un matrimonio in spiaggia, ma io ancora non ero un fotografo di matrimoni e lei ancora non era una Wedding Designer: avemmo molte difficoltà nel cercare di organizzare un matrimonio del genere a Roma, quindi ripiegammo sul lago e trovammo la soluzione giusta per noi a Trevignano Romano.

Col senno di poi, avremmo potuto organizzarlo anche sul mare, ma non avevamo le conoscenze opportune per farlo: adesso le cose sono cambiate, lavoriamo da tanti anni nel settore e possiamo anche permetterci di aiutarvi! Ovviamente tutti i miei consigli relativi all'allestimento sono frutto non solo della mia esperienza lavorativa, ma anche delle conoscenze in materia di mia moglie, Mary de La Sposa degli Alberi.

After the success of the previous article on how to plan a wedding in the woods, I thought it would be a good idea to investigate the topic of weddings set into specific environments, in this case I'm writing about the Wedding on the Beach!

When my wife Mary and I got married nearly 10 years ago, we wanted to plan a Wedding on the Beach, but I wasn't a Wedding Photographer and she wasn't a Wedding Designer: we had a lot of difficulties trying to organize such a wedding here in Rome, so we fell back on Bracciano lake and found the right solution for us in the graceful city of Trevignano Romano.

In hindsight, we could also have organized it on the sea, but we didn't have the necessary knowledge to do it: now things have changed, we have been working in the industry for many years and we can even afford to help you! Obviously all my advice on the set-up is the result not only of my work experience, but also of my wife's knowledge on the subject.

How to plan a Wedding on the Beach

A Wedding on the beach, at sunset.

10 Tips for Planning a Wedding in the Woods

Ideas, inspirations and practical advice to create a unique and unforgettable event!

As nature lovers we are always attracted to weddings celebrated in close contact with it. Here in Italy we are really spoiled for choice between sea, hills, mountains, lakes and many strategically positioned venue to be able to enjoy the wonders of our territory. Wonders we are so used to that we forget and underestimate them, when instead they can be the ideal setting for a wedding.

In particular, a wedding in the woods has a truly unique charm: the ceremony seems to take on a certain sacredness even if you are not tied to any particular religion; a lunch or dinner among the trees, on the other hand, away from the noise of the city, gives a feeling of intimacy and immensity at the same time, especially if you are under a starry sky.

But let's get to the 10 tips for creating an unforgettable wedding in the woods for you and your guests!

How to collect all the photos and videos shot by your guests

Four dedicated apps and the service offered for free to our customers

On your wedding day there will certainly be a professional photographer and videographer (and we are grateful if you chose us!) but, if you have been to a wedding at least once as guests, you will surely know that your friends and relatives will not spare themselves in terms of photos and videos shot especially with smartphones. There will also be the classic uncle passionate about photography with his latest generation SLR or mirrorless on the hunt for the perfect shot.

Not to mention the photos and videos shot during bachelor and bachelorette parties or those received by your friends before the wedding, but always related to that important event!

But have you ever wondered how many newlyweds have actually seen all the photos and videos shot by the guests at their wedding? And, would you be interested in having them available, in one place, convenient and accessible to both you and all your guests? All collected in a private gallery to watch and download? Said and done!
In this short article I'm going to show to you some solutions, including one that we at IstantiSenzaTempo are more than happy to offer you together with our services, completely free of charge!

In this somewhat strange period of waiting for the weddings of this season that never seem to come, we are still working for you, in order to support you and to offer you the best experience you can have with a wedding photographer and videographer.
I can already tell you that we have in store some other pleasant surprises for you.
But let's move on to the solutions to collect the photos and videos of your guests!

How to collect all the photos and videos shot by your guests

I shot this one, but did bride and groom get that selfie?

Wedding Ideas Magazine

A brand new book full of inspiration for your Wedding

Today I would like to introduce you to something different than what you are used to reading on this blog, but which is always about Weddings and, of course, Photography.

During the past year I have been involved by Mary de La Sposa degli Alberi (meaning The Bride of the Trees) in a very exciting project: the creation of a Wedding Ideas Magazine!

But let's start from the beginning: for those who don't know her, Mary is a talented Wedding Designer, as well as being my wife. A semi-unknown profession here in Italy and often confused with that of a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Designer takes care of designing the stylistic side of the event: from invitations to setting table, from scenic design to centerpieces, from ceremony to seating table, every little detail takes shape after a meticulous analysis of the couple and the place where the event will be celebrated.

After ten years of business and about 200 weddings, Mary has decided to get involved with a new idea, being a creative who never succeeds to stop.
She then thought about how to channel her creativity in order to make it available to those looking for inspiration and ideas for their wedding.

The result was this amazing photographic book, Il Libro delle Idee – idee e scenografie per matrimoni (The Book of Ideas - ideas and scenographies for weddings), of which I would like to tell you my point of view, that of who made the over 230 photographs that tell and describe the 12 original scenographies created by La Sposa degli Alberi.

Wedding Ideas Magazine

The Book of Ideas: the cover and the inner pages

Wedding photography quote

What it contains and what is it for?

A few days ago I received an e-mail request for information for a wedding photo shoot, of the kind I rarely get: containing very little information, no phone number and with a immediate request for a quote.

I already know how these requests usually turn out (spoiler: bad). I already know that I should reply that I am already booked for that date, but I always have that underlying optimism that does not allow me to do so and I can only respond politely by explaining that, no, I cannot send a quote under those conditions.

I also know that there is never any nastiness or disrespect behind such a request, so I always try to explain my point of view.
My point of view is that IstantiSenzaTempo does not offer only material goods, as can be the printing of a photograph. IstantiSenzaTempo offers an experience, which begins before the contract is signed and ends (if it ends) long after the event.

You can read the testimonials from our customers, which tell that. And it's evidenced by the WhatsApp groups with "our" couples, that are still alive, fresh and sparkling (however, we keep them for ourselves and do not make them public).
Because we are not machines that assemble a car and take out the bill based on the chosen extra. Our working method is very difficult to include in a list of options and their cost.

Wedding photography quote

Our goal is to give you the freedom to be yourselves and recognize yourselves in the photos we will deliver to you

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