A new awareness

Love in the Time of Covid

Finally since the end of August we have been back to taking pictures and shooting videos for what we like best: weddings!

There have been many difficulties our couples have encountered in carrying out the organization of their weddings but, with the spirit of those who want to reach their goal, they have succeeded in their endeavour. Both the ceremonies and parties were touching – so touching – and fun. In documenting them we have returned to breathe "our" air, almost as if we had returned to the mountains after a long period spent in the city.

Italian Wedding Photographer
Italian Wedding Videographer

Here we are grappling with what we love the most!

We will slowly show you these new works, but first we would like to tell you something that is very important to us.

I love my job

Why I chose to be a photographer of love stories

If you follow this blog or if you already read some of my articles, you should know by now: I love my job.

Maybe what you don't know is why I chose it. Yes, because it was a precise choice of mine, since several years ago I had a completely different job. And I always had that bad feeling of wasting my time, day after day.
But now I do what I like, for many reasons. Here they are.

I love my job

My favourite photo of Vanessa and Nick Wedding. Even if they are halfway around the world we keep messaging each other.

IstantiSenzaTempo at Radio EveryWhere

PJK Photography and Andrea Tricarico talk about photography and video

IstantiSenzaTempo as guest at Radio EveryWhere

Paulina Koltun, Andrea and Joe Filippi

In 2017 Francesco and I were guests for RomaByNight broadcast by RadioRadio FM 104.5. It was our first radio experience and it was the occasion to talk about our IstantiSenzaTempo studio and our approach to work. It took about 15 minutes to describe our ideal client and our philosophy of storytelling for reportage photo/video service.

Andrea and Francesco at RadioRadio

In 2017 interviewed for RadioRadio Fm 104.5

A brand new logo!

There is no true renewal without growth

We've been known being always unrest, despite our calm nature: by loving our work we cannot help but improve ourselves and everything that revolves around our professions, including the ones that are our "showcase" to the world.
With this blog we are building something important that not only brings us closer to You, but it is a support and a reference point for You organizing your wedding.

This is why we renewed our logo. It is a renewal driven by our personal and professional growth.

We needed indeed a logo that was at the same time more simple, incisive and up with the times. But above all we needed a logo that would show at first glance the craftsmanship of our work.

We never felted ourselves — and never will — a production line:

  • IstantiSenzaTempo is Francesco and Andrea
  • IstantiSenzaTempo is dedication to customer satisfaction
  • IstantiSenzaTempo is the storytelling of your wedding day through our emotions
  • IstantiSenzaTempo is a different storytelling because every couple is unique

We hope that the new logo will succeed, if not in communicating everything in detail, in giving you these sensations.
Finally, here it is:

A brand new logo

Get married in Las Vegas

The Wedding day from the other side

Ladies and gentlemen, today it is exactly two months since I got married. Yes, it’s like that, even your wedding videographer got married!

Get married in Las Vegas

A picture from my Wedding in Las Vegas!

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