The Love Story

We called our work philosophy Love Story Method for several reasons:

  • It is our method and we like to tell stories: it will be only us, Francesco and Andrea, who will take care of you from the first meeting to the delivery of photos and film
  • We tell not only the wedding day but you, your being and your love story
  • In the period leading up to the wedding day, we will advise you the best to organize a wedding that will represents you and will be perfect for photographing and filming
  • After the wedding we will ask you to participate during the editing of photos and film and the design of the photobook
  • It is a real method, that is a procedure to follow in order to reach the set goal: to allow you to relive the emotions every time you'll see your photos and your film, as if you were going back in time

The 6 steps of Love Story Method

1. Mutual Empathy

In order to tell you, your being, your love story and your wedding day, our relationship must necessarily be based on mutual empathy.
It is therefore essential to meet each other, in person or virtually via video call, before choosing us and signing the contract: we will get to know each other, you will ask us many questions, we will ask many about you. Only then you will know if we are the right ones for you and vice versa.
You will choose us not only for beautiful photographs or for an exciting video – that is obvious – but above all for what we are and for our vision of life and the world, that we pour into the way we make photographs and film.

2. Planning and Advice

Once we will have decided to work together, a long collaboration will begin; it will end when photographs and film will be delivered.
We will make sure to meet – in person or virtually – several times to help you create an event that reflects your personality and fully represents you. We will listen your expectations and wishes, we will provide you with advices for the organization in order to have the best result from a photographic point of view.
This series of meetings will allow all of us to deepen the knowing of each other, so that, on the wedding day, we will not be strangers, but friends with the camera who will truly participate in your emotions.

3. Questionnaires

As the date of the event approaches and we proceed with our meetings, we will collect all the information we need through a series of questionnaires that we have developed and which have a very specific purpose: these are questions that will help us not only to get to know you more deeply, but also advise you in the various stages of the wedding day. You can fill them in independently or, preferably, together with us, live or via video call.
We will also ask you for information about the other suppliers, so that we can contact them before the wedding in case we need it.
The questionnaires, like any other document, will always be revisable and available in your private area of our website.

4. The Wedding Day

Thanks to previous meetings, you will already know what to expect and you will feel completely at ease in front of the camera, even if you have a shy and introverted disposition. Obviously the photos and films recordings will be completely candid and natural, but you will know us and our presence will not intimidate you, on the contrary it will seem so normal that you'll forget it.
Only if needed, we will intervene by providing you with some indications and giving you advice, sometimes to explain what we want to achieve.
During the couple portrait session we will ask you to be alone with us: it is a moment that we would like to portray in our intimacy, without other people who could distract you or put you in awe.

5. Editing

During the editing process you will be constantly informed of the status of the photo and film processing and you will be asked to actively participate. Since we always make different products for each married couple, because each of you conveys different emotions to us, it is important that you fully recognize yourself in the interpretations of your story. Therefore you will participate actively, providing us with your video material to be included in the Wedding Film and giving us your opinion on the mood that we will have given to the photographs and videos.
In this way you will have a memory that, even more, you will feel as your own, because you will have fully taken part in its realization.

6. Photobook Design

The photo book represents the crowning glory of a photo shoot, which is made tangible in a story on paper.
In our opinion it is an activity to be carried out only after you have seen and metabolized all the edited photographs. In this way you can design with us the book that best matches you, the style of the wedding and the photographs: the model, the box, the materials, the paper, the graphics, the layout, they will all be elements that you will be able to choose, in order to build the perfect book for you.
In 10, 20, 50 years, you will open your album with a veil of dust on it, a little crumpled, and you will be there again, out of time.

We have refined our work method with experience and we are confident that we will continue to do so over time, always having your total satisfaction as our goal.

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