Cinematic Wedding Film

Cinematic Wedding Videographer

If you read my article “How to choose the right videomaker for Your wedding” you have a pretty good idea about my stylistic choice for wedding videos and why I chose to call them Wedding Films.

Cinematic Wedding Film

A frame from Simona and Andrea Trailer

The cinematographic approach allows me to make much more interesting wedding videos, with the chance to customize them every time in a specific way or to create artistic products that, moving away from the narration of the reality of that day, can tell something more, like your love story in many different ways.
To do this, sometimes I use material gave to me by the couple, other times I use associations of symbolic images, other times I try to recall a dreamy mood. These are just examples, each time it's a different challenge.
So some videos will be more classic and some more unusual. It also depends on the couple I work for, their characters and their tendencies.

A Frame from Simona and Andrea wedding trailer

With Andrea and Simona's Trailer I took a big artistic liberty, creating something unique. After the ceremony we went to Ancient Canale Monterano, near the venue chosen by the couple for their "yes": La Torretta. Once we got there for the couple shots, we found ourselves in a magical place with a beautiful light that literally impress us. Already in that moments I decided to make an artistic wedding trailer.

You can love or hate this video, but in any case it’s for sure that is an original wedding film and that you never saw something like that. These are exactly the situations where I express myself to my maximum and where I have more fun. So if that's how you imagine your wedding film, I'd say I'm the right videographer for you.

Another frame from Simona and Andrea wedding trailer

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