Once the Wedding day has passed, we at IstantiSenzaTempo deliver to our newly-wed an unforgettable memory of one of the most important days of their life.

Of our newly-wed we always keep the emotions that we felt together with them, their looks while they was looking for the first time at their photographs, their film and their photo book. And their words, which better express our journey together.

  • Ylenia and Andrea
  • Federica and Paolo
  • Giorgia and Saverio
  • Arianna and Luca
  • Jessica and Thor
  • Flavia and Valerio
  • Elitsa and Zdravko
  • Demetrio Caracciolo
  • Giulia and Lu
  • Natasha and Nima
  • Silvia and Fabio
  • Marisa and Edgar
  • Alessandra and Marco
  • Fabiana and Salvatore
  • Alessia and Christian
  • Veronica and Patrizio
  • Laura and Sai
  • Claudia and Roberto
  • Martina and Stefano
  • Valentina and Michael
  • Valentina and Riccardo
  • Giorgia and Fulvio
  • Paola and Andrea
  • Alice and Simone
  • Sheila and Michele
  • Sabina and Tommaso
  • Federica and Fabio
  • Vanessa and Nick
  • Rival-less Moments

    We have not yet seen the making of photos and videos as it has only been a week but we have no doubts.
    Francesco and Andrea are exceptional.
    Sympathy, empathy and ability to put you at ease have given lightness and fun to those moments. The photo and video shoot we wanted!

    Ylenia and Andrea

  • Amazing results!

    Professionalism, sensitivity and congeniality are the first Andrea's qualities that stand out... What not everyone knows, however, is the passion that moves and binds everything, being always up to date, continuous training... additional rare elements able to rise to amazing results!

    Federica and Paolo

  • The best in terms of competence and quality

    Incredible professionals, great competence and a lot of humanity! Francesco, Andrea and all the staff were simply incredible on our Wedding Day (but from the first meeting they proved to be exceptional).
    Always present in every moment of our day but never intrusive, they were simply friends among friends and really the result shows it!
    We could not have made a better choice and We recommend them to all those who want the best in terms of competence and quality for their Wedding, thanks again guys!

    Giorgia and Saverio

  • Meet to believe!

    ...how to leave a "review" for a photo and video service? And if this affected your marriage? The answer for us is: impossible. But we can try to explain why it is "impossible". It's impossible because if we chose Francesco and Andrea we are absolutely biased now. And we are because we really enjoyed it and we enjoyed the work they did. It's impossible because we would not know how to "review" the kindness, the sympathy and the affection that have shown us over time. It's impossible because you can not "review" the fact that after 3 years and even more you hear them and exchange news with them... And now even the photos of respective children. It's impossible because we believe that the work they do can hardly not like, but the taste is subjective. It's impossible because the big difference is the personal encounter, therefore you should meet them. And then this is not a "review", but an invitation to contact them and experiment directly. Meet to believe!

    Arianna and Luca

  • Phenomenal!

    Professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm above all. Francesco and Andrea live marriage to the full, they do it and for this reason their images convey the whole essence of that unique day.
    Present in all important moments but never intrusive. With them We lived the marriage feeling only the joy and love of the moment, without thinking of photos to be taken and with full confidence in the places.
    Photos and videos that are wonderful, leave me speechless. I met them at my cousin's Wedding and recommended them to friends and then chose them for our big day. We recommend them!

    Jessica and Thor

  • We can only be more than enthusiastic

    A date We will always remember and a day We will never forget... What We will cherish in our hearts is something that no one will be able to see, but our emotions, our families and friends, dances, bright eyes and laughter will live forever in the shots and videos of an unforgettable day.
    The choice of photographer and videomaker was one of the most important decision for us; It was, I believe, one of the things We cared most and We can only be more than enthusiastic about it.
    Francesco, Andrea and all the staff were impeccable before, during and after the Wedding Day. They caught moments and feelings without ever being intrusive and the result is far beyond our expectations.The video is a true cinematographic work and, after months from the Wedding Day, is still capable to let us dreaming about it.
    Thanks guys, to You and to those who were there that day to support you, We hope it was a special day even for IstantiSenzaTempo

    Flavia and Valerio

  • Our pictures are amazing

    We found InstantiSenzaTempo on the internet and we were very lucky because Francesco and Andrea are great people, great professionals and our pictures are amazing. Many thanks to them both and thanks to Francesco who helped us with the organization, gave us many suggestions and ideas and everything went out just as we had imagined it. Thank you guys!

    Elitsa and Zdravko

  • A videographer with great passion for his work

    I personally met Andrea on the set of "Virgo - The Cold Feet of Women", a short film by Massimo Ivan Falsetta with Roberto Herlitzka and Anna Falchi. However it is a videographer that I already esteemed and followed. This allowed me to appreciate its constant professional growth.
    Always discreet and polite, he manages with discretion to collect very interesting images for photographic composition and originality, followed by a meticulous and precise editing. His videos are never trivial and are always personalized for his clients.
    A videographer with great passion for his work.

    Demetrio Caracciolo, President of ANV (National Association of Videographers)

  • Amazing!

    What to say about IstantiSenzaTempo... Amazing! They photographed our Wedding and from the first meeting, talking about their services, We immediately found ourselves in harmony. Francesco and Andrea are two very approachable and young people and have a photographic style that We liked very much. They were always very helpful, not only on the Wedding Day, but also afterwards for both the photo editing and the photobook design. Tey have a photojournalism style, which makes the photos much more natural and candid, catching all the emotions experienced on that day. The style of the editing also varies a lot, depending on the character of the Wedding. We see that there is an authentic work of research behind it. We were fully satisfied with the work done and in addition We found new friends. We will certainly make use of them for other future occasions that may arise and We recommend to everybody without hesitation the photographic services of IstantiSenzaTempo.

    Giulia and Lu

  • I’d recommend again and again and again!

    Wow, really can’t believe how beautiful our wedding photos have turned out. They really captured the most special moments and have given us memories to last forever.
    The guys are lovely and kind, you couldn’t wish for nicer people to be around whilst going through the craziness of your wedding day. I’d recommend again and again and again!

    Natasha and Nima

  • Unique and professional people

    If you are looking for professional, punctual, empathic, cheerful and helpful photographers, then you should definitely choose IstantiSenzaTempo!
    You will not even notice their presence, they are respectful and very polite, the photos are beautiful, able to capture every moment!
    Wonderful people!

    Silvia and Fabio

  • True artists!

    We are a Portuguese couple who got married in Rome in a very peculiar and intimate ceremony. Just the two of us and our photographers! More than our photographers, they became our friends and walk through Rome with us for as long as we needed in order to get all the pictures we imagined! The price was extremely affordable and flexible and the quality overcame all our expectations! All our family and friends were astonished by the originality quality of the photos and video. We strongly recommend IstantiSenzaTempo to all of you looking for real professional photography and video services! True artists!

    Marisa and Edgar

  • My two extra bridesmaids

    IstantiSenzaTempo shot our Wedding on June 11th of 2016. The idea We had was a simple marriage, no contrived but with deep feelings: this was the case. Thanks to Francesco We have lots of candid photos with great attention to detail. IstantiSenzaTempo is characterized by a very meticulous work both during the Wedding Day (I jokingly nicknamed Francesco and his colleague as my two extra bridesmaids, because They were present and attentive at all times, especially during my preparation), and during photo editing process, after the Wedding Day. I would certainly recommend it to all those couples who want candid photos, well-edited and far from the old "pose" style of the past.

    Alessandra and Marco

  • You have been truly exceptional

    30th of April 2017
    It's been 2 years since that wonderful YES! An unforgettable day that will remain indelible in our hearts... thank you very much to those who allowed us — and will do it in time — to relive and remember those emotions... we recommended you and we will continue to do, you have been truly exceptional.

    Salvo & Faby and the new entry Elisa

  • We couldn't have better video

    The sensitivity to see beyond your work, the know-how to do it well and the relationship You have been able to build with us, make You a special person especially for what You have been able to give Us... an unforgettable memory, possibly better than the one we could have imagine. This is what will remain in our minds for the rest of our lives so We say THANK YOU! You are fantastic!

    Alessia and Christian

  • Talented and professional

    Talented and professional... They have created unique works for my wedding... very different from what I've usually seen. RECOMMENDED!!!!

    Veronica and Patrizio

  • Could not recommend them more!

    Professional and kind, they actually listen to your wishes and concerns. Our wedding was beautifully documented in all its crucial moments, and in the more subtle details. They were also very helpful throughout the whole process with suggestions and ideas, and we felt we really received a product tailored specifically for us. Could not recommend them more!

    Laura and Sai

  • Thank you for participating in Our Dream

    The real success of a profession is to win over the customer by leaving an unforgettable trace in his heart.
    Thank you for participating in Our Dream.

    Claudia and Roberto

  • IstantiSenzaTempo (meaning TimeLessMoments): not just a name, but a way of being

    2016, August 29th. Midnight in Paris. Our wedding was photographed, filmed and represented by IstantiSenzaTempo. By images and videos They told our Story, our Love, our Complicity.
    Their is not just a name, but a way of being! Because the Wedding Day is really unforgettable. With such care We dream about it, We plan it, We wait for it, We prepare it and in a few moments it flows, but it remains imprinted in the heart, a moment that almost stops time.
    The anxiety mixed with the emotion during the preparations before the exit to the church, the candid shots, some unforeseen events... with their spontaneity and patience, especially Francesco and Andrea, They were able to create with us a bond that goes beyond the technique, They had the ability to make us feel "at home".
    And months later, when my husband and I see again the videos, we browse through our album, relive everything, down to the last detail, and it's wonderful! Again, thanks, guys!

    Martina and Stefano

  • Great professionalism

    Great professionalism: they always keep the customer at the center of attention.
    Highly recommended, We're keeping our relationship with them after the Wedding for other collaborations.

    Valentina and Michael

  • Thank You so much

    Thanks so much to Andrea and his staff for their professionalism, availability and patience above all, without forgetting the great quality of shooting and editing! We recommend them to anyone who wants an exciting and fun memory of their Wedding or other important events in their life!

    Valentina and Riccardo

  • Very good, beautiful and very nice!

    Francesco, Andrea, Giordano and Riccardo our photographers and videographers! You were simply sensational! Thank you so much for your extreme professionalism, kindness and sympathy! You managed to make us feel calm all day long and make us laugh too!
    Congratulations guys! You are true professionals! And we were sure of it! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

    Giorgia and Fulvio

  • Recommended!

    A special team that made our day amazing, wonderful memories freezed in beautiful photos and videos in which they caught the most exciting moments of our day.

    Paola and Andrea

  • He observed us with special eyes

    Francesco, together with his team, pampered and followed us at every moment of our Wedding! At the beginning he listened, he showed us his works and listened to our thoughts. During the Wedding, he observed us with special eyes, trying to stop the moments of such an important day, which runs away quickly in his strong emotions, but which remains forever thanks to photographies.

    Alice and Simone

  • The Icing on the Wedding Cake!

    Unfortunately we cannot value more than 5 stars...
    Professionalism, cordiality, discretion and above all: Heart! The icing on the wedding cake! The best of the best! Thank you for made everlasting our best memories!

    Sheila and Michele

  • They are unique from all points of view

    Francesco, Andrea and their collaborators are unique from all points of view. We are fond of their congeniality, professionalism and simplicity in an instant!😊
    They were the life of our party, they captured every moment and were able to highlight the most important aspects that were dear to us💗.
    They have created a great harmony with us, understanding every need of ours and making it the best!💪🏼
    Two years have already passed, but reviewing the photos and the video always arouses in us great emotion and many tears🥰.
    We look forward to live a new experience to share with them and to be immortalized by their skill.
    Thanks again guys!

    Sabina and Tommaso

  • Wonderful!

    They, 8 eyes... that nothing escapes. They followed us all over the wedding day, from beginning to end, without giving up for a second. Without being intrusive, without making us uncomfortable (just what we wanted). Having them with us was magical, super professional, fun, they made us carefree and super quiet! Thank you so much for everything guys, it was a pleasure to meet you, have you with us!
    We love you!

    Federica and Fabio

  • I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful photos

    I highly recommend working with Francesco. He is absolutely talented, kind and very patient. My husband and I are from Australia and we had a destination wedding in Rome. I spent weeks searching for a trustworthy photographer and I found Francesco. He was absolutely fantastic to deal with. He replied to all my emails leading up to the wedding and once I arrived in Rome, he also met with me (and my husband) to discuss our ideas.
    Francesco, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful photos. You truly captured my wedding day in your photos!
    For all the brides and grooms looking for a photographer- please give Francesco a call. You will not be disappointed!

    Vanessa and Nick

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