Engagement Video in Mexico

Video shooting among Mexico and United States

Engagement video in Mexico

Lucy and Mario dance together in Explanada Baca Calderòn square.

Baila! Couldn't be different the title for this Mexican-United States engagement video service.
Mario and Lucy in fact met thanks to the dance. Both have a great passion for bachata, salsa and especially cumbia: the other protagonist of this engagement video service.

Engagement in Mexico

Photo and Video shooting in San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato

We at IstantiSenzaTempo are always super happy when we have a photographic and videographic service in a foreign Country. We are two travel lovers and traveling doing our dreaming job is the most we can desire!

Engagement in Mexico

The moment when Luis propose to Marcela at calle Aldama, the best street in the city.

American Wedding in Italy

A small indoor destination wedding

I remember that, at the beginning of the 2000s, it was quite shocking to tell that you found online the love of your life. Fortunately is no longer the case and this kind of dating has become not only "normal" for everyone, but also one of the most used way to meet people.

Redian and Christine are one of these couples, who met through an online app. From that first date began a strong relationship lasted for more than 4 years and now... a destination wedding in Italy!

American Wedding in Italy

The Bride with the Bridesmaids

Cinematic Wedding Film

Cinematic Wedding Videographer

If you read my article “How to choose the right videomaker for Your wedding” you have a pretty good idea about my stylistic choice for wedding videos and why I chose to call them Wedding Films.

Cinematic Wedding Film

A frame from Simona and Andrea Trailer

Love knows no age

Wedding in Tuscany

Today I'd like to talk about true love, the love that goes against every stereotype and commonplace. It's the story of Enrico and Nicoletta.

We usually think that marriage is the celebration of love between young people and actually most marriages are celebrated between 25 and 35 years old couples. But we were particularly lucky this year. We were Enrico and Nicoletta’s photographers and videographers. As you can see they are not very young, but I assure you that their love is surprising.

Love knows no age

A romantic moment during the Ceremony

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