Wedding photographer FAQ

Listed below are the questions we most frequently receive from our customers, so that also new customers can have access to more information. For ease of consultation, questions are divided by topic through a convenient interface for easily scrolling and reading those of your interest.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Where are You based?

Preferring the quiet areas to the chaotic ones, we have our Studio at the gates of Rome, in Via Antonino di Peco 22, 00123 Rome, where we receive by appointment also on the weekend, when we are not busy shooting a Wedding.
If you don't live in Rome, we can get to know each other through a video call.

Are you willing to travel for our wedding?

We are Destination Wedding Photographer and Destination Wedding Filmmaker: we can travel wherever you want for your wedding!

What languages do you speak?

Italian and English. Andrea also speaks Spanish.

If we choose your services, how do we book them?

It is very simple! First make sure that we are still available for the date or your wedding by sending us a message, after which you have to sign the contract and pay a down payment.

How far in advance do we have to book?

The sooner you book, the sooner you will be sure to secure our services.
Check our availability, tell us your story and how you imagine your wedding: contact us.

If we no longer need your services after signing the contract and paying the deposit, can we receive the deposit back?

Unfortunately you can't: the down payment is paid to book the date, therefore we cannot accept requests for the same date until your communication.

If we had to change the wedding date after signing the contract and paying the deposit, would it be possible to keep the deposit for another date?

Yes, if you notify us of the change in date within a reasonable time to be able to acquire new requests. If there are, however, any changes in the price list should be applied.

Wedding day

Who will be as photographer and filmmaker at our wedding?

We personally take care of our work from the first contact until delivery, so Francesco will certainly be at your wedding for the photo shoot and Andrea for the film shoot.

How many people will you be in?

Depending on the services you choose: a photographer (Francesco), a video operator (Andrea) and possibly one or more additional photographers and video operators.

How will you be dressed on our wedding day?

You know, for what's it worth, the suit doesn't make the man. But we believe there are events that require the right dress code. For this reason the whole team will be elegantly dressed.
Of course we are available to adapt to any special requests.

Have you already worked in our venue?

Since we worked on many events, probably yes. However, if we've never been in that venue and if we deem it necessary, we can organize an inspection to provide advice from our point of view.

How long does the service last?

The service lasts as long as it takes to cover the entire event: we don't want you to worry about when we arrive or when we leave, we will do it when we have documented the entire event.

Do you allow other people to take photos / videos?

No, by contract we require exclusive rights to shoot the event.

We have chosen only the photo service or the film service from IstantiSenzaTempo, but the other one from a different supplier: is it a problem?

No. However, not knowing how colleagues work, they could hinder ours.

How do you handle situations in low ambient light?

We have a lot of experience in similar situations. We even try to avoid using speedlights as much as possible, thanks to our professional equipment, always up to date and with high performance precisely in critical conditions of low light. If we really need more light, we will take care of positioning additional light sources which are very discreet, in order to create a lighting suitable for the situation.


What is your wedding photography style?

Francesco loves to portray the spontaneity and the naturalness of people and events that surround him, taking care to use light (preferably natural light) to his advantage. His style of photography can therefore only be photojournalism applied to marriage. In fact, while the "pure" photojournalism style involves the use of the raw photographs produced directly by the camera, Francesco applies a meticulous editing process : in this way he is not only able to customize every wedding photo shoot with its own mood, but also to edit those slight aesthetic corrections essential for a wedding photo shoot.
The result of this working methodology is an authentic photographic storytelling with the newlyweds as protagonists, but with plenty of space for guests and the countless details that make each wedding unique.

What is your wedding film style?

Andrea's films have a cinematic style.
In addition to the importance of evocative and original images, audio is essential in this style: direct sound, the speeches of bride, groom and guests and the music are elements of the same relevance. Soundtrack is so important that can't be simply chosen by the couple: it is based on the mood and the rhythm of the editing as a narrative element. So it is not always present and highlights the most exciting moments and the various film passages.
Andrea will help you in the process of choosing the right soundtrack for you wedding movie.

We don't like posing photos and we don't like posing: how do we handle it?

We don't like posing photographs either. We prefer the naturalness and the spontaneity of gestures and situations. We manage to be discreet, you just have to feel good and have fun. You can see the result of this working methodology in our galleries.

Can we see a full event, from start to finish?

Of course! Indeed we always encourage our clients to look at more than one full event: it not only shows the quality of work at all times of the day, but also its consistency in terms of style and editing in completely different situations.
In the Gallery page you will find full wedding photoshoots of about a hundred photographs each: these are the photographs that Francesco has chosen to tell the story.
Instead, you can find the full movies on our Vimeo page.


Do You shoot RAW or JPG?

We shoot in large, lossless, 14bit RAW format, in order to guarantee you the best results in terms of colors and dynamic range.

Who will handle the editing of photos / videos and of the photobook layout?

We personally take care of our work from the first contact until delivery: Francesco will take care of the whole photographic part, while Andrea will take care of the video / film one. We don't involve third parties.

How long it takes to deliver the final products?

6 months for photographs, 6-7 months for film.


How many wedding pictures are delivered?

For a full day wedding, we deliver 300 digital edited photos. Here Francesco explains in detail why he chose this number.
For other types of services (engagement, proposal, love shooting), we deliver 50 to 100 edited photographs.
Obviously you can choose to have more delivered photos before or after the wedding day.
Part of the delivered photographs, usually about a third, is chosen by Francesco. The remaining part is chosen by the couple from a variable number of photographs, which depends on what happened during the event.

There will be photographs of the guests?

Sure! Obviously you will be the protagonists of that day and you will be the main object of our attention. However, there will also be space for your guests at all times of the day, from getting ready to reception. While there are important figures for you that we easily identify (parents, brothers and sisters, witnesses and bridesmaids), we'll ask you for directions before the wedding day in order to have a special eye for those you care about the most.

Will all delivered photos be edited?

Yes! Francesco will create an editing process dedicated for your wedding, different from all the others because it will tell you and your day. All the delivered photographs will have the same mood even if they were shot at different places and times of the day.

Will we see all the photographs shot that day?

You will certainly not see them all, but a selection of them. Similar photos, blurry photos, test photos, photos with people looking bad, will be discarded so as not to negatively impact the final product.
Since we shooting in order to have only the subject in focus and the rest very blurred (for the more technical ones who read: shooting with very low apertures), we make sure that we have more photographs of a particular moment. So we will be able to choose photography with the best combination of focus and subject's look.
We do not expect you to do this job, zooming in on each individual photograph to evaluate its perfect focus: it is part of our process and takes hours to complete.

Do you take group photographs?

While not part of the photojournalism style, if group photographs are important to you, we will take care to remember them and to shoot the groups in the best possible way.


How long does a Wedding Film last?

We believe that the ideal length of a Wedding Film should not exceed 20 minutes. The average length of Wedding Video is 15 minutes. It will be care of the editor (Andrea) to be able to condense the whole day in that playing time, with a meticulous selection of all the clips and an exciting editing, which includes the most intimate and evocative moments and the most joyful and dynamic ones.

How long does a Wedding Trailer last?

A Wedding Trailer lasts about 3-4 minutes.

Can we choose the soundtrack of our Wedding Film?

An effective soundtrack is the cornerstone of an exciting video.
The songs that are significant for the couple hardly adapt well to the scenes of a Wedding Film, while the great hits can distract the viewer by recalling other images, such as those of the video clips associated with them.
For this reason Andrea will guide you towards the best choices, taking into consideration your proposals and proposing suitable solutions for the filming and editing he intends to build. There is no limitation on the musical genre, the important thing is that the soundtrack works!


Do you always ask for authorization to use the images for advertising purposes?

Yes, we always ask for that authorization because it is essential for us to show our work on the web, both on our website and in those of the professional associations we are part of. Your choice of photographer and filmmaker for your wedding was based on or will be based on the material that you can view on our site.
Furthermore, having your authorization, we can publish our work on blogs and magazines or participate in industry competitions.

Will our photos / film be published on the website or on the blog?

There is no space for the publication of all our works, so there is no certainty that a shooting will be published.

Costs and payments

What are your costs?

We will be happy to send you our pricelist after you tell us a little about yourself and your wedding (write to us here ): together with the cost we will provide you with all the essential information for a conscious choice of the photographer / filmmaker for one of the most important days of your life.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes, it is possible to request additional services to those that we consider essential, but they will all be presented to you in total transparency.
A further additional cost is due for distances greater than 60 km from Rome, where we are based.

Why are there costs for extra hours?

Even if we dedicate the whole day to you and your event, our presence after the scheduled time involves additional work not only on the day itself, but also during the editing phase.
If we reach our contracted time we don't go away, but we ask you whether to extend it and how much.

Why do you charge travel fees?

Transfers require travel times and costs of various kinds: toll roads, fuel, car wear, meals, or even trains / planes and car rental. We cannot therefore include them in the cost of the shooting, but they must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What are the payment methods?

We request a deposit to book our services. Final payment is required by the date of the event.
Prints and photo books must be paid at the time of the order, usually several months after the wedding, after the delivery of the digital material.

If during the day there will be downtime periods, will they affect the total hours worked?

For various reasons, those that for you are downtime periods are not for us: even if there were, we use them to make backups of data, to move between different locations, to take photographs of details, set-up or to you and your guests.

Do you offer discounts for weekday weddings?

We shoot weddings throughout the year, even on weekdays. Since our costs remain the same regardless of whether they are celebrated on the weekend or weekdays, we do not offer discounts on list prices.


How will the final product be delivered?

The digital material will be delivered through an online gallery, password protected and without expiration date in YOUR MEMORIES section of our site. You can use it both to share your photos and as a backup. A second password, different from the previous one, will allow you to download photos and videos.

What happens if I lose my digital files?

Nothing! You can download them again from your private gallery.

What will be the style of photos and videos?

We love to portray events in their naturalness and spontaneity: the style of photographs and films will be consistent with this philosophy.
Post-production of photographs is always different for each event, because each photo shoot tells a couple different from all the others. For the same reason, the film will also be edited and colored exclusively.

Do you deliver RAW files?

RAW file is so called because it is "raw" and requires further processing, the editing, which completes the artistic path started at the time of pressing the trigger.
So RAW files is equivalent to a semi-finished product. It is as if you were asking a painter to give you one of his paintings halfway through the making. This is why we do not deliver RAW files.

Can we have proofs files in high resolution and without the "proof" overlay?

Proof files are nothing but JPG conversions of RAW files (see previous point) before any editing process. For the same reason that RAW files are not delivered, proofs files will not be delivered if not edited.

Do you deliver all the video material shot on the wedding day?

The complete video material can be purchased as an extra service.

What rights do we have on the material delivered?

Printing rights and online publication rights citing the author. However, you cannot sell the images in any way.

Prints and Wedding books

What printing services do you offer?

We provide high quality printing services and have a large catalog of wedding books, wedding photobooks, prints on various types of paper (included fine art prints), print on canvas, print on Amalfi paper, panels, passepartout and many other products.
Each product is personalized on multiple levels and is the result of continuous consultancy with us until you reach the perfect product for your needs.

How large can we print our photographs?

You can print them up to 70x100cm (28"x40") without losing quality by looking at it closely. In daily use people don't print a photo of that size to look at it from 30 cm away: in common use you can also print it in 100x150cm (40"x60") size without noticing differences by looking at it from two to three meters away. For even greater size, a software editing will be required before sending it to print, but eventually we can take care of it.

How many and which photographs will be printed in the italian wedding photobook?

It's up to you: you should only know that a greater number of photographs will require a greater number of pages — obviously the book will cost more.
Francesco creates a complete layout and sends you its PDF and a rendering of the wedding book and any box, in order to allow you to make any changes. Only after your final confirmation Francesco orders the wedding book.
Here You can find some Francesco's tips about which photos You should choose for Your Wedding Photobook.

What are the delivery times for prints and wedding photobooks?

A couple of weeks for prints, panels and passepartout, 4-5 weeks for italian wedding photobooks from the order.


What equipment do you use?

Francesco uses the Nikon Z professional system for photos and fixed focal length lenses of both Nikon and third parties. Andrea uses the Panasonic professional system for video / films.

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