Wedding at Villa Aurelia in Rome

The wedding story of Francesca and Matteo

In the heart of Rome, amid ancient walls and evocative piazzas, a wedding was celebrated that made the air vibrate with romance and joy. Francesca and Matteo, a couple whose love was born on a Greek island during a summer vacation, joined their lives in the beautiful setting of the Church of San Giorgio in Velabro, and then celebrated their love in a wonderful wedding at Villa Aurelia.

With a common thread of emotion and passion, Francesca and Matteo made their day special by reflecting their personalities, interests and passions in every detail. As lovers of sports and adventure, it was not difficult to capture their positive energy and competitive spirit.

This same enthusiasm was tangible during the ceremony, where their love was celebrated with the solemnity of an ancient rite and the delicacy of a prayer.

As the reception began at Villa Aurelia, they demonstrated their ability to appreciate every moment with lightness and cheerfulness, creating an infectious party atmosphere that involved all the guests present.

An Elegant Wedding at "Le 7 Fonti" in Rome

Flavia and Paolo's Incredible Day.

When two kindred souls meet, fate intertwines their lives in a wonderful fusion of love and complicity. Flavia and Paolo are the perfect example of this spell, and their love story found its culmination in a beautiful wedding day at the charming location Le 7 Fonti in Rome.

Flavia and Paolo, in love with life and the passions that unite them, chose to share a bit of their world with us before telling us their love story. Their passion for music accompanies them at all times and they love to spend exciting evenings at concerts. Lovers of cinema and good wine, they have recently approached the world of oenology with a course that has further enriched their wealth of experience. And then sports, interior design, cooking, travel – a universe of interests that enriches their daily lives and their relationship.

But it is in the interweaving of their destinies that the magic lies. After nearly a decade of chance meetings and glances that brushed past each other without realizing it, a mutual friend decided to give them both a gentle nudge, patiently waiting for the opportune moment for them to meet..

A Wedding of Friendship and Love: Giorgia and Claudio

A Woodland Wedding at Casali Santa Brigida

With joy and warmth, today we share the most exciting moments of Giorgia and Claudio's wedding, a couple whose bond has been woven with friendship, love, and genuine understanding. Their story is a tale of reunion after a pause, of reconnection, and ultimately of love finding its way.

Immersed in the charming setting of Casali Santa Brigida, Giorgia and Claudio celebrated their love in a touching woodland ceremony, surrounded by nature and the affection of their loved ones. The woodland wedding was a magical experience, adding a touch of enchantment and poetry to this special day.

The magic of that day was palpable, with every detail crafted with love and dedication. But what truly made this wedding special was the presence of their friends, silent witnesses and participants in a story that has traversed years of laughter, sharing, and even difficult moments.

Giorgia and Claudio have always nurtured their friendship bond above all else, and this was evident in every moment of the day. The celebration that followed the ceremony was a jubilant and carefree affair, with friends dancing and laughing alongside Giorgia and Claudio, celebrating the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

A Wedding in an italian castle

Angela, Pasquale, and the magic of Harry Potter

The wedding season has finally started again and this year, both we and our couples, have looked forward to it like never before!

Angela and Pasquale are the first amazing couple! They organized a wedding in an italian castle not far from Rome, in the city of Vicovaro, in the Cenci Bolognetti Castle. A place steeped in history, built in the thirteenth century and then enlarged and renovated in the eighteenth century: the mixture of styles and genres is now visible both in the structure and in the interiors, especially in some completely frescoed large rooms.
The main reason they chose to get married in a castle is their immense passion for the Harry Potter saga, which obviously became the main theme of the whole event!

The atmospheres of the large halls, with the thin but powerful beams of light that make their way through the narrow windows, the winding passages and finally the wooded surroundings, can only recall some glimpses of the imagination of Hogwarts. Close the circle an elegant setting and the gem of the seating table with the tables named after some chapters of the saga.

The name of the newlyweds' table can only be The Unbreakable Vow: for the few who do not know it, it is a type of binding magical contract cast between two wizards. They have to shake their right hands, in the presence of a witness who summons the spell. It makes their bond indissoluble, until death do them part... Isn't it brilliant?

Speaking of unbreakable vows, Angela and Pasquale were keen to celebrate a religious ceremony and therefore chose the Church of San Pietro Apostolo, adjacent to the Cenci Bolognetti Castle.

A Wedding in an italian castle

A Magic Wedding

Serena and Leonardo at Tenuta la Torretta

2020 has been quite a troubled year when it comes to weddings (and not only them...), you all know that. However, between postponements, cancellations (especially by foreigners), insecurities, reorganizations, there were someone who did not want to give up their marriage. And, to be honest, none of them regretted this kind of choice, at least among "our" couples.

Among these brave couples, the first were Serena and Leonardo, a splendidly matched couple with very clear ideas. She is an archaeologist, he is an engineer, both with many passions in common. The date they chose to get married was May 30th but they then decided to move the wedding exactly three months after that date, August 30th.

In hindsight, they made the right decision, although at first it was a bit painful due to some inevitable sacrifices. On August 30th in Rome, an early morning rain helped refresh a late summer day, only to be forgotten in the afternoon, leaving us with a clear sky, a memorable sunset and an evening with a splendid moon. During this day, which is somewhat atypical for everyone, there was no lack of emotions: those so strong that it is impossible to hold them back and which flow in the form of tears and the sweet ones, whispered with looks, caresses and gentle hugs.

A Magic Wedding

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