The Wedding Photo Shooting and the art to make an amazing coffee

An analogy that will help you understand the photographer's artistic process

Today I'd like to talk to you about the creative process of a Wedding Photo Shoot, a Couple Photo Shoot or a Family Photo Shoot, which starts from the first contacts with my clients and ends with the editing of the photos.
"What does coffee have to do with it?", You ask. I'll tell you right away!

I am a person who is always looking for improvement in many fields and cooking is one of them. Today I'm talking about coffee, in particular espresso coffee, which seems to me to have some analogy with what I want to talk about.

Preparing an excellent espresso is not complicated at all, but you should have:

  • the right tools;
  • knowledge of the subject matter;
  • an excellent raw material;
  • lots of passion.

As in any field, in fact, when you are curious and start digging deeply, you come to discover many things that you never even suspected existed. For example, regarding coffee, here are just some of the things I discovered:

  • it is not enough to have an espresso machine and a quality coffee grinder, but it is possible to replace some parts to greatly improve the result;
  • there are filters and showers (the main filter from which the water on the coffee is dispensed) that cost as much as half a professional machine;
  • the coffee must be pressed – strictly with the tamper – with a force that corresponds to about 12 kg (about 26 pounds);
  • the grinding level should be calibrated every day, before starting to churn out coffee in bursts;
  • depending on the place where it is grown, each coffee has very specific organoleptic characteristics;
  • the toasting can vary and significantly modify taste and aromas;
  • only a wise knowledge of the two previous points allows you to mix different qualities to obtain the right coffee for every occasion.
The Wedding Photo Shooting and the art to make an amazing coffee

A shot made by IstantiSenzaTempo for Weissestal, for the catalog of the Cottage line

A Proposal in Rome at Colosseum

Photos and video of João's marriage proposal to Carolina

We had the honor of telling in pictures João's proposal in Rome to Carolina, a Portuguese couple who, in September, visited Rome.
Their story begun 9 years ago, when they fell in love at first sight by attending classes at the same University, just like in a movie!
They are both very sweet and tender and have a very strong passion in common, that of travel. And this was precisely the reason that led João to choose the wedding proposal at the Colosseum!

Before the proposal in Rome, we had an intense exchange of e-mails with João: you know how much we care about establishing a relationship with our clients that goes beyond the professional one, and besides he was very anxious about the organization of the surprise.
We therefore tried to reassure him by helping and supporting him in the smallest details: we chose together the right place and a time that would allow us to take more photographs after the proposal itself; we also established how to make the surprise go perfectly, so that Carolina did not suspect anything; we even exchanged messages until the last moment (thanks, technology!) and we even managed to give him advice on their outfit!

Carolina's reaction was touching: her immense love for João found its way through her eyes and he held her into her protective arms. João himself was speechless and did not stop hug and caressing her.
Here is the story of our afternoon together, a show that has thrilled us and that will continue to do so every time we look at the photographs and the video, which we have really created with our hearts.

Proposal in Rome

The emotion of looking at your wedding photographs

It is an emotion not only yours, but also ours

Delivering of the wedding photographs is always a great emotion for you couples. After waiting my creative process and post-production work to be completed, you are finally ready to relive those moments that literally flew by, despite having lasted a whole day.

But trust me, in delivering your wedding pictures I also feel a great emotion, albeit different from yours.
The result of my work, imbued with everything I experienced with you that day, is finally ready. You still don't know what your photographs look like, because my editing is, every time, different from the previous ones. My editing process is in fact linked to how you are and to the sensations it gave me living on your wedding day: I will always be different, so the final result will always be totally different from the other weddings.
You do not yet know how I portrayed you, you do not yet know where and how I stopped my gaze. You trusted me blindly.

So I can't help but be excited, I'd like to be there with you to witness your reactions to every single shot. Instead, I usually deliver the pictures in electronic format, basically for three reasons:

  • in order to reduce as much as possible the time that separate you from being able to look at your photographs;
  • many of my clients live abroad or far away from Rome;
  • because I am convinced that the "first view" should be a moment lived in intimacy.

Surely you have to be together, but the place and the time dedicated to fruition must also be the right ones.
Unfortunately there have been very few cases in which I have been able to be the spectator of my clients looking at their photographs.

So I thought about how to solve this "problem", to be close to you as during the entire journey that we traveled together until the delivery of the photographs, but at the same time without being intrusive.
And I found a solution, which also allowed me to improve your "first view"!

Read on if you're curious to see a practical example of what I've accomplished!

The emotion of looking at your wedding photographs

How do you plan to look at your wedding photos for the first time?

Couple Photo Shooting in Rome

The right way to have a different memory from couple portraits during the wedding

A day in early autumn of 2020, when the aftermath of summer is still there. A sudden drizzle gives way to a clear sky and a sun that warms us.
The Eternal City devoid of the usual crowd of tourists due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Two lovers, me and a few citizens wandering the streets of the city.

Alice and Fabrizio will get married in a few days but, knowing that we will not have much time for couple portraits after the ceremony, which will be held close to sunset, we organized a couple shooting in the center of Rome.
They chose the place: as Romans who have now settled in Germany, they wanted a memory that could tell together their love and that for their hometown. We have therefore organized a pleasant walk which begins at the Capitol and then unfolds like a ribbon between the narrowest streets of the center, the Tiber Island and Trastevere.

We have no limits of time or space: we have decided to be together for the right time, we will surely realize when the time to say goodbye has come.
As usual, before I start shooting I give them some suggestions in case they don't know what to do in front of the lens. But they are amazing from the very first photographs and it is truly a pleasure to watch their pure love shown without any kind of embarrassment towards me. Glances, smiles, hugs, kisses, caresses: everything seems to wrap around them, Rome itself seems to be there to embrace them, no longer caput mundi but just a witness and a frame of a feeling so strong that goes beyond time and space.

So, while walking and chatting, I learn that Alice is pregnant: this photo shoot takes on an even more tender shade. But I often begin to ask Alice if she is tired of walking in heels on the cobblestones of Rome! But I must admit that she really has a lot of stamina, since she walks for miles without saying a word.

Absorbed as we are from our activities, we don't even think about stopping for a coffee, while the afternoon slowly fades into sunset. The light softens, the shadows are less clear, but I'm not looking for the perfect light: I don't want to ruin such a magical moment, the important thing is the very moment, freezing the memory of that delicacy, that complicity, that happiness that we seek so much and that sometimes, in times of difficulty, we forget that we are so close to it.

The following is part of the story of that day in early autumn 2020. A couple photo shooting in Rome that becomes the story of a love.

Couple Photo Shooting in Rome

Naturalness in wedding photographs

The storytelling of a wedding according to IstantiSenzaTempo

When couples contact us asking for information about our services and our working method, usually they are in the need to have candid and natural photographs. In fact, today they talk a lot about candid wedding photography, reportage wedding photography, documentary wedding photography or again wedding photojournalism, but often in an improper way and only to ride the wave of the requests of the moment.
Indeed, it is not enough to profess to be a candid wedding photographer, but it is also necessary, in order:

  • doing it;
  • being able to do it;
  • achieving excellent results;
  • knowing how to reconcile the needs of the clients with our own.

So let's analyze in detail the 4 problems that you clients may have to face.

Naturalness in wedding photographs

Giorgia and Fulvio are completely at ease in front of us: keep reading the article to understand how to get candid and natural photos!

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