Best basilicas in Rome

The best churches for your Catholic Wedding in Rome

After giving you a lot of tips about oudoor civil wedding in Rome, I could not fail to introduce you the Best basilicas in Rome for your Catholic Wedding in Rome. Practicing Catholics and Christians in general, here in Rome really have a huge choice: Churches of Rome are in fact about 900 but, despite this huge number, they are almost always the same to be targeted by brides and grooms.
In this list of 10 Best basilicas in Rome for your Catholic Wedding in Rome, I included not only the most renowned ones: in fact there are some less known but equally splendid and particularly suitable for weddings — especially from my point of view as an italian wedding photographer!

10 chiese per matrimoni a Roma

St. Peter's Basilica is far too imposing for a wedding, with its surface of 23.000 square meters (more than 27.000 square yards)!

Couple shooting

A love story for Valentine's Day

If you are here, probably you are thinking to get married soon, or you are one of our couple. Usually, in fact, our Blog articles are about how to organize the wedding or the story of a real wedding.

It’s uncommon that we stop to think about what comes next: what will be with your lives after that fateful "yes"? How do you imagine yourself? Happy and passionate like the first day?
Marriage is the beginning of something that should be eternal. Eternal, a concept so great that it goes beyond rationality.

Couple shooting

A proposal in Rome

How to stop an unforgettable event over time

Some men are romantic and cannot hold their nature back.
Some women like surprises (as well as being constantly surprised) by the men they love.

Put together two people like that and you surely have an happy couple!

A proposal in Rome

The proposal to Shadi by Bavand

Natural light in Wedding Photography

How to use natural light in order to have the best wedding photos

I've always been a lover of natural light in photography. Of course, with an excellent equipment of lights and modifiers (umbrellas, beauty dishes, softboxes, grids or other) it is possible to obtain the perfect light in any environment, but it ends up losing the naturalness and the spontaneity of certain situations. And all this, especially in wedding photo shoots, is of enormous importance.
Personally I like to be as discreet as possible avoiding to influence events: I don't like my clients being surrounded by assistants with bulky lights or other objects, also because it is possible to obtain excellent results even without resorting to them.
Furthermore, in wedding photography is essential to have maximum freedom of movement and seize the moment: continuously placing lights is certainly not compatible with this philosophy!

Natural light in Wedding Photography

A backlight that enhances the toast between bride and bridesmaids

A Black and White Wedding

Your Wedding pictures: color or black and white?

Today's technology allows us photographers to take photographs and choose later the look they will have, because of a dedicated editing process.
Usually, in order to satisfy all tastes and give different nuances to the story, some Wedding photos are edited in black and white and most of them in color. But what would You think if You were offered a Wedding photo shoot entirely in black and white?

A Black and White Wedding

Black and white enhances contrast between light and shadow

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