How to choose the right Videomaker for Your Wedding

My stylistic choice

I must have a little intellectual honesty and admit that, in future spouses shoes, it is not easy to choose nowdays the right videomaker for the wedding video.
The technological level reached has allowed many amateurs to become professionals. Now with an economic effort it is possible to buy equipment able to reach a quality very close to the cinematographic one.
Once you have learned the necessary technical skills, with a little aesthetic sense, it is not so difficult to create beautiful images.

With this description (rather simplistic) it would seem a fairly easy task to choose the professional for you: different offers are compared and, at the same technical level, the less expensive is chosen. However, if you belong to those couples that go a little beyond appearances and consider the wedding video something more than a simple memory and therefore also an artistic product, let me illustrate my point of view.

How to choose the right Videomaker for Your Wedding

A Frame of Wedding film “The Recipe of a Love”

What kind of Videos are there?

There are various styles of wedding videos, for simplicity we can catalog them in two: the videoclip style and the cinematographic style.
Both will collect the most beautiful and exciting moments of the day, including details and your loved ones. Surely the videoclip genre will be faster and "fizzy", while the cinematographic one will be slower and more emotional.

Why I chose the Cinematographic style?

Personally I chose the cinematographic style. That's why I decided to call my videos "Wedding Film", just to reinforce this choice.

If the videoclip style is limited to editing images in sequence on a musical basis, I find that the cinematographic style is much more complete and interesting.
Many more elements are involved in this genre. In addition to the visual power of the images, attention is also given to the sounds, the original audio, the couple and the guests speeches and the music is not limited to being a mechanical choice dictated by the tastes of the couple, but it will be chosen based on the mood and to the rhythm of editing as a narrative element. Not always present, the soundtrack will highlight the most exciting moments and the various filmic passages.

Unlike a wedding videoclip, to make a Wedding Film I need to be in tune with the couple, to know their love story, their characters and personalities, their common passions, their tastes. Any information will be invaluable for telling your special day and personalizing your Wedding Film.
At the heart of the Wedding Film is the narration.

A frame from a wedding film

Another frame with coloring and framing in cinematographic style


Hence the answer to the question "how to choose the right videomaker for your wedding?".
You should choose whoever is closest to your style, who with professionalism will be able to tell your unique and special day. More simply: your narrator.
We are all different and everyone has their own way of telling. This is what, in my opinion, makes the difference in this sea of technology.
I recommend, therefore, during the appointment always ask to see previous works to understand if the style of the videomaker responds to your needs. Do not rely on the all-inclusive package of the photographer, the Wedding Film is not the appendix of his service but another professional with his needs that, if satisfied, will be able to give you a complete and artistic memory that will excite you over time.

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