Love knows no age

Wedding in Tuscany

Today I'd like to talk about true love, the love that goes against every stereotype and commonplace. It's the story of Enrico and Nicoletta.

We usually think that marriage is the celebration of love between young people and actually most marriages are celebrated between 25 and 35 years old couples. But we were particularly lucky this year. We were Enrico and Nicoletta’s photographers and videographers. As you can see they are not very young, but I assure you that their love is surprising.

Love knows no age

A romantic moment during the Ceremony

I have rarely seen a bride so in love: Nicoletta is completely crazy in love for Enrico, as her words also testify during the civil ceremony in Tuscany, at La Palazzina, historic venue in Val d'Orcia, where great artists like Federico Fellini have been guest.

If Nicoletta is pure romanticism, Enrico is instead the ideal contrast: also clearly in love with Nicoletta, he's always quick with a joke and it is impossible hold back from laughing in his presence.

As told by their guests during the ceremony speeches, Enrico and Nicoletta are the perfect marriage between two different personalities who found a very unique elective affinity.

Thanks to this wonderful couple for showing us that it's never too late to fall in love.

And now enjoy their Trailer: "La Voce dell'Amore" (The Voice of Love).

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