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Civil ceremony in Wedding Venue is the one I prefer for Wedding Films

5 tips on how to manage the Civil Ceremony to get the Wedding Film of your dreams

Civil Ceremony in Wedding Venue

Civil Ceremony in Wedding Venue Casina di Poggio della Rota

Last years, following the USA trend, there is the chance to get marred in Italy by a civil ceremony directly in the Wedding Venue. This option is more and more chosen by couples.

Professionally speaking, civil ceremonies in Wedding Venues are the ones I prefer for Wedding Films.
Basically the reason is very simple: these ceremonies are personalized and realized by the wishes of bride and groom. Moreover, almost always, guests are used to dedicate a speech to the couple and the couple themselves give each other wedding vows, which makes everything more personalized, engaging and exciting. Sometimes, even the celebrant, instead of being a government official, is a relative or friend of the couple.
These are all elements that give me clues and information and I use them to personalize the Wedding Film and tell your love story.

Emotions during a speech

Intense emotions during Ylenia and Andrea Wedding in Le 7 Fonti

However I want to give you some tips for the best result of the Wedding Film of a civil ceremony.

1. Speeches

Speeches allow a structured and personalized editing because they will tell about you. As in all things, excesses are never good. A right number of speeches is what makes the editing more interesting without making it heavy: I recommend 4 guests’ speeches at most. Obviously You are free to let more guests speak, but probably final film won’t have more than 3-4 speeches. Also, the easy-going and amusing speeches are difficult to edit in my Wedding Films style, so don’t expect to see them there.

A guest speaking to Bride and Groom

Groom's brother speech during Flavia and Valerio Wedding

2. Special Rituals

Civil ceremony allows you to plan the ceremony as you prefer, so you can also add some special ritual. For some ideas, I suggest you to read Francesco's article How to have the best wedding photos of Your Wedding, Part 3: tips for the Ceremony.

A special ritual during a wedding: bride and groom braiding three ropes

A special ritual during Jessica and Thor Wedding

You will also have the chance to decorate everything in a more creative way of a sacred place, as for example La Sposa degli Alberi does.

3. Audio quality

Another great advantage of these ceremonies is the possibility, with the collaboration of the musicians, to record the audio track of the speeches directly from the mixer. This is the best way to get a perfect audio for the editing process.
Therefore it is so important that there is a microphone for the ceremony. I have the recorder and the cables to connect it to any kind of mixer, but I need the cooperation of the audio specialist (in most cases is one of the musicians).

Wedding vows during a wedding ceremony

Veronica and Patrizio exchance their Wedding Vows in the Ceremony at Casale 500.

4. Organization

If it is true that in civil ceremony there is a more intimate and familiar atmosphere, it is also true that it lacks precise rules and this can brings some problems.
The best solution in these cases would be to have a good Wedding Planner that coordinates everything. Very often, however, this figure is absent. In these cases it is important that the celebrant cooperates giving the guests some instructions.
Unfortunately many guests, not subjected to the reverence that is in the church, feel free to walk around and ruin the shoot walking behind the altar or standing behind it. Consider an imaginary line just after the guests sits: that line should never be passed.
Also the guests who want to capture the most exciting moments with their mobile phones or tablets can ruin the professional images. The celebrant should invite them to enjoy the moment without seeing on a screen. A professional crew will assure the best memories of all the Ceremony!
One of the most confusing moments, if unmanaged, is the rice throwing. With the sacred ceremony everyone wait outside the sacred building and when the bride and groom come out they throw the rice. But in civil ceremony: the guests don't know when they have to throw it and from where, the couple don't know if they have to stay on the spot or walk. We prefer to create an hall of the guests that will launch the rice from their place while the couple will walk the aisle towards the exit.
For all these things the celebrant should announce the instructions clearly and incisively.

Rice throwing during a Wedding into the Wood

Rice throwing during a Wedding into the Wood.

5. Teamwork

A fundamental aspect in the absence of the Wedding Planner is connecting the various suppliers. Wedding Designer, florists, musicians, location managers, photographers and videographers must talk to each other. Only working together they can guarantee the best possible result. Working in weddings is a teamwork. All together they will decide where and at what time to perform the ceremony, based on various needs (in our case: the best light).

A Wedding with the Ceremony on the beach

A Wedding with the Ceremony on the beach.

6. Three is the
perfect number

For filmmakers the civil wedding has a big limitation: there is almost no calm moments and for the most part a person speaks to the couple who listen and get emotion. So, usually being two cameramen, we have no time to completely cover the reaction of the guests or to realize creative shot. The only way to overcome this is the presence of a third filmmaker who will deal exclusively with this. This solution is strongly recommended for all those who want to achieve perfection in their Wedding Film of the civil ceremony.

Groom's moving listening his brother speech

Groom's moving listening his brother speech.

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