Why you will regret turning down a Wedding Film

Including a Wedding Film in Your budget is the right choice

Best memories are those that we keep in our hearts and there is no doubt about that, but are you sure that this will be enough?
Wedding Day is a strange day, often you experience a thousand of emotions that are difficult to conceive at the moment. There are so many things to do and people to stay with that the day will pass by so fast.

The Wedding Film is a full memory

Usually there is a professional photographer (often more than one) who will shoot the most significant moments to guarantee you the best memories.
However, photos do have limits: you will not be able to hear trembling voices telling Wedding Vows, nor see that particular move or those anxious steps entering the church, nor listen again to that sincere speech dedicated to you. That's why you shouldn't underestimate what the Wedding Film can guarantee: a 100% complete memory.

Wedding Film is fully customized

Another fascinating aspect of the Wedding Film is the ability to customize not only the film look (by the color correction - I will shortly write an article about it) but also of the entire video.
Thanks to audiovisual editing it is possible to create a main theme that tells more about your Wedding Day. InstantiSenzaTempo makes it possible, to insert video material collected by You: You as children or a special holiday spent together for example. Even more, You could decide to do an elopement video that involves you in something you love and insert it in the Wedding Film.
Therefore the wedding video is the most impactful way to tell your love story.
Remember that every story is different so the Wedding Film we will make for you will always be different from other couples'.

It is a unique opportunity to have a film with you as protagonists

You could think that a Wedding video could be shot by guests and relatives with amateur cameras or mobiles. In this case, however, you will probably have low quality, repetitive shooting, divided in many few seconds short clips. You might be lucky enough to have a friend or relative who creates an amateur montage for You. If you are happy with that it could be a solution.
But if you will hire a professional, he will shoot a Wedding film with cinematographic gear, knowing how to use light to enhance every moment of your Wedding Day. There will be camera movements for specific purposes. In fact, a professional videographer studied for years and knows all the technical and creative rules to give you a real short film.
The Wedding Film is therefore much more than a memory: it is an artistic product able to make your story poetic and emotional.

The Wedding Day will be the unique and unrepeatable opportunity to have a Hollywood-style film with you as protagonists, with the most beautiful story you can tell: your love story!

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