Audiovisual Editing is a magical process: the Kuleshov Effect

How to apply cinematographic rules to Wedding Films

In this new column I'm going to explain how I apply the cinematographic rules to the Wedding Story: this is why I produce Wedding Films and not "simple" Wedding videos.

A beautiful image is what it is. Using its infinite potential and power is up to the editor using its power.

A frame from a IstantiSenzaTempo's Film

A frame from trailer “Speciali nel Mondo” (meaning Special in the World)

How to get the best photos of Your Wedding, Part 3

Part 3: 5 tips for the Wedding Ceremony

Welcome to the third part of "How to get the best photos of Your Wedding". If You haven't read the previous articles yet, You can find them linked at the bottom of the page.

This article debates about the most important, exciting and moving moment of Your Wedding Day: the Ceremony.
Whether the ceremony is religious, laical, or symbolic You've been waiting for this moment for all Your life: that long wait will concentrate during all Your getting ready and will result in the ceremony of Your union. A union that will change Your lives forever.

So, how can You get the best memories out of Your Wedding, without sacrificing candid moments and the naturalness of Your being? Follow my 5 tips!

A Civil Ceremony under a big old oak

A Civil Ceremony under a big old oak at Tenuta di Ripolo Wedding venue: Flavia and Valerio Wedding

I am Wedding Photographer

With apparently "little" job comes great responsibility

"What do You do for living?", once asked me a stranger.
"I am a Photographer", I answered.
"Wow, it has to be an amazing job!" is the typical reply.

An old medium format camera

An old medium format Rolleiflex camera

Why you will regret turning down a Wedding Film

Including a Wedding Film in Your budget is the right choice

Best memories are those that we keep in our hearts and there is no doubt about that, but are you sure that this will be enough?
Wedding Day is a strange day, often you experience a thousand of emotions that are difficult to conceive at the moment. There are so many things to do and people to stay with that the day will pass by so fast.

The Wedding Film is a full memory

Usually there is a professional photographer (often more than one) who will shoot the most significant moments to guarantee you the best memories.
However, photos do have limits: you will not be able to hear trembling voices telling Wedding Vows, nor see that particular move or those anxious steps entering the church, nor listen again to that sincere speech dedicated to you. That's why you shouldn't underestimate what the Wedding Film can guarantee: a 100% complete memory.

How to get the best photos of Your Wedding, Part 2

Part 2: 5 tips for the Groom getting ready

After the first part about the tips for the Bride getting Ready, now it's time for the Groom getting ready!

Everyone knows that the Bride is the real Wedding Star, but also the Groom needs the proper attention! I always recommend Grooms to be photographed while They're getting ready, even if some of them think not to be as fascinating as the Brides. If You feel the same, change Your point of view: plan to make Your getting ready more fascinating, just like the Bride's one!
Here are my 5 tips, follow them or use them as an inspiration if You need a booster for Your getting ready.

A Groom getting ready

A moment of Tommaso getting ready

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