Best basilicas in Rome

The best churches for your Catholic Wedding in Rome

After giving you a lot of tips about oudoor civil wedding in Rome, I could not fail to introduce you the Best basilicas in Rome for your Catholic Wedding in Rome. Practicing Catholics and Christians in general, here in Rome really have a huge choice: Churches of Rome are in fact about 900 but, despite this huge number, they are almost always the same to be targeted by brides and grooms.
In this list of 10 Best basilicas in Rome for your Catholic Wedding in Rome, I included not only the most renowned ones: in fact there are some less known but equally splendid and particularly suitable for weddings — especially from my point of view as an italian wedding photographer!

10 chiese per matrimoni a Roma

St. Peter's Basilica is far too imposing for a wedding, with its surface of 23.000 square meters (more than 27.000 square yards)!

American Wedding in Italy

A small indoor destination wedding

I remember that, at the beginning of the 2000s, it was quite shocking to tell that you found online the love of your life. Fortunately is no longer the case and this kind of dating has become not only "normal" for everyone, but also one of the most used way to meet people.

Redian and Christine are one of these couples, who met through an online app. From that first date began a strong relationship lasted for more than 4 years and now... a destination wedding in Italy!

American Wedding in Italy

The Bride with the Bridesmaids

Couple shooting

A love story for Valentine's Day

If you are here, probably you are thinking to get married soon, or you are one of our couple. Usually, in fact, our Blog articles are about how to organize the wedding or the story of a real wedding.

It’s uncommon that we stop to think about what comes next: what will be with your lives after that fateful "yes"? How do you imagine yourself? Happy and passionate like the first day?
Marriage is the beginning of something that should be eternal. Eternal, a concept so great that it goes beyond rationality.

Couple shooting

Wedding styles

How to choose the wedding style that suits you best

Whether you have always imagined your wedding in a certain way, or whether you are now looking at the realm of wedding styles, talking to your suppliers about a specific wedding style helps you a lot in organizing. And, since organizing a wedding takes time, I am convinced that it is essential to optimize it.
I therefore think that a description of the 10 wedding styles in which I came across more often could be useful to you brides/grooms-to-be.

Wedding styles

A collection of wedding styles described below

Cinematic Wedding Film

Cinematic Wedding Videographer

If you read my article “How to choose the right videomaker for Your wedding” you have a pretty good idea about my stylistic choice for wedding videos and why I chose to call them Wedding Films.

Cinematic Wedding Film

A frame from Simona and Andrea Trailer

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