A Black and White Wedding

Your Wedding pictures: color or black and white?

Today's technology allows us photographers to take photographs and choose later the look they will have, because of a dedicated editing process.
Usually, in order to satisfy all tastes and give different nuances to the story, some Wedding photos are edited in black and white and most of them in color. But what would You think if You were offered a Wedding photo shoot entirely in black and white?

A Black and White Wedding

Black and white enhances contrast between light and shadow

To be honest, I have never received this kind of request, nor I have yet proposed it: in my work I don't like any limitation, so I don't like to decide the editing of a Wedding photo shoot before the Wedding itself! Instead, I prefer to live the emotions of that day and transfer them into my pictures with a dedicated editing that tells Bride and Groom's story, their love and the Wedding day.

However, this does not prevent me from testing my skills and playing with one of my delivered Wedding photo shoot. I think that this can be a good exercise and an interesting discussion topic for IstantiSenzaTempo's blog readers!

I chose a photo shoot already featured on my website: Alice and Simone Wedding in the wood. Being a Ceremony into the wood, a color editing can be warm and romantic especially at sunset time: that's why I chose it.

But what about a black and white editing of the same pictures? Here You can see the same Wedding story — actually this is a 26 photos excerpt — that tells the same Wedding, without colors and with a black and white editing.

alice simone-002
alice simone-007
alice simone-072
alice simone-136
alice simone-162
alice simone-176
alice simone-218
alice simone-253
alice simone-319
alice simone-322
alice simone-327
alice simone-336
alice simone-527
alice simone-528
alice simone-529
alice simone-530
alice simone-548
alice simone-576
alice simone-579
alice simone-607
alice simone-614
alice simone-631
alice simone-707
alice simone-795
alice simone-799
alice simone-815

Result is still romantic, even if there is no warm color. The wood is alive and present: it's not just a frame, You can feel its energy flows through newly-weds.

For me the test was more than positive!
What about You? What do You think about a black and white Wedding photo shoot?

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