Love knows no age

Wedding in Tuscany

Today I'd like to talk about true love, the love that goes against every stereotype and commonplace. It's the story of Enrico and Nicoletta.

We usually think that marriage is the celebration of love between young people and actually most marriages are celebrated between 25 and 35 years old couples. But we were particularly lucky this year. We were Enrico and Nicoletta’s photographers and videographers. As you can see they are not very young, but I assure you that their love is surprising.

Love knows no age

A romantic moment during the Ceremony

Persian wedding ceremony

English and Iranian marriage in Rome

Nima and Natasha's love story is one of those that goes beyond all kinds of cultural and linguistic barriers. Nima has Persian origins, while Natasha is English; and it is precisely in the UK that their lives became intertwined so as not to separate anymore.

Persian wedding ceremony

Bride and groom under the traditional Sofreh-ye Aghd

Winter wedding

5 reasons to get married in winter

I've always preferred winter to summer, cold to warm, Christmas over all the other holidays, so You can say that I'm definitely a winter lover. I will then explain to You in 5 points what are the advantages of planning a winter wedding under the snowflakes.

Winter wedding

A romantic kiss of a winter wedding in Rome

IstantiSenzaTempo at Radio EveryWhere

PJK Photography and Andrea Tricarico talk about photography and video

IstantiSenzaTempo as guest at Radio EveryWhere

Paulina Koltun, Andrea and Joe Filippi

In 2017 Francesco and I were guests for RomaByNight broadcast by RadioRadio FM 104.5. It was our first radio experience and it was the occasion to talk about our IstantiSenzaTempo studio and our approach to work. It took about 15 minutes to describe our ideal client and our philosophy of storytelling for reportage photo/video service.

Andrea and Francesco at RadioRadio

In 2017 interviewed for RadioRadio Fm 104.5

Wedding at la Torretta

Simona and Andrea civil wedding in Rome

During our first meeting we always ask couples to describe their marriage. The adjective most often used is "simple". In my opinion in these cases the couple gives much more importance to the ceremony rather than every other thing: even if the design, the flowers, the cooking, the celebrations will be organized with quality and in a workmanlike manner, in the eyes of the couple they are "simple" only for the fact that they represent the frame of the wedding, while the part that really matters is another, the spiritual one.

Simona and Andrea wedding is no exception: it was a "simple" but intense marriage. Having the opportunity to celebrate the civil ceremony at venue, they have chosen to get ready in two rooms of La Torretta, a well-kept wedding venue surrounded by greenery near Rome.

Wedding at la Torretta

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