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Some time ago We thought to write a blog about two topics: Wedding and Us, and obviously about the connections between them. So, this will be not an usual Wedding Blog, but a Wedding Blog with neutral tips for people who's looking how to organise a Wedding in Italy and a way to make You informed about what happens behind the scenes of a Wedding and about who We are.
Recently something happened, so We finally decided to start the Blog! In this section of the Website You will find posts by me, Francesco, Professional Photographer in Rome, by Andrea, Wedding Videographer in Italy and by both of Us.

Francesco Galdieri and Andrea Tricarico

Francesco (left) and Andrea (right)

Professional Wedding Photographers in Italy have no official register here in Italy. If someone's got a camera, He can define himself a Professional Wedding Photographer in Italy: You can simply see by Google it how it's difficult to find the right way through a real jungle of offerings by Professional Photographers or so-called ones. You can fall into contracts full of holes, unwanted surprises receiving the bill, poor photos, bad compositions, low quality editing, low end prints and photobooks that split apart after a couple of viewing.

In order to have a Register of Professional Wedding Photographers in Italy, some colleagues founded an Association of only high quality Professional Photographers signing a code of conduct, respectful of clients. Also, this Register could be a guide for Brides and Grooms to be.
This Association is named Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti (ANFM), meaning "National Wedding Photographers Association", and I found in it the same morals I already had.

A couple of weeks ago I sent to ANFM my application form for the evaluation and I am pleased and honored not only to be accepted as a member, but also to be valued as Selected. It's a special category of Photographers "whose work has to be better than average: creativity, technique, framing, point of view, research, editing, light management, etc. has to be clearly distinctive already from a first examination".

Click on the image to see my profile on ANFM website:


Here some key points of the ANFM code of conduct I care about:

  • Professional Photographer attends in person the event, edits photos and handles photobooks' graphics and layout
  • Fully transparent costs, signed contract with customer
  • Continuous training

This was, is and will be IstantiSenzaTempo's mission, now granted by ANFM: We don't merely offer a service, but quality, certainty of results and tranquility since from booking.

IstantiSenzaTempo|We take care of Your Memories

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