Personalised Wedding Photo: the relevance of a professional editing

8 different editing styles for inspiring different emotions

Photographer's job rarely finish on the day of photo shoots.
When there were films, It had to develop and print them in order to see the pictures. Today, technology helps Us, but a Professional Photographer has to edit photos digitally, so You can see them on a screen before eventually print them.

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Not all Professional Photographers develop a specific editing on different photos: in order to speed the delivery and finish their work as soon as possible, some Photographers — especially Wedding Photographers — use automatic editing by cameras or external softwares, just like Instagram filters. In this case, surely the result isn't the best, because the Photographer has no awareness nor control about color tuning: He could be lucky on a single shot or situation, but not on all the Wedding shots.

Professional cameras (but also some amateur cameras) can shoot in JPG — with automatic editing — or in RAW mode, that needs editing by an external software in order to have a usable JPG file. This editing can intensely Personalise Your Wedding Photos!
In the next picture, You can see all the controls of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019: You have a lot of sliders that can deeply change and personalise your Wedding Photo. Obviously, there are other controls for local editing, but maybe I'll write about them in a further article.

Lightroom Controls

The vertical control panel of Lightroom Classic CC 2019, split and put side by side

First of all, It has to be clear that If You have a bad photo, You cannot change It in a good photo. Then, editing is a very powerful tool that let You really have Personalised Wedding Photo. So, it's time to start to edit a good photo, shot in RAW mode: You'll see how different can look applying different editing styles. This is the original shot converted to JPG by the camera:

Wedding Photography Example

The original photo developed by the camera

It was sunset time, so the camera "read" accurately the colors (for technical people, I'm referring to White balance and Tint). There was an amazing natural light (I didn't use light modifiers) and the photo could be satisfied as is. But Photographer could feel (and instill) different emotions: what if He'd like to emphasize sunset colors, or give a hint of vintage style, or transform in a black and white photo?
Browse the following slideshow and look carefully how different can be developed the original picture!

  • Pump up the colors!
  • Make It Vintage
  • A different mood
  • My choice
  • Black and White, high contrast
  • Black and White, vintage
  • Black and White, sepia
  • Black and White, colder tones
  • Pump up the colors!

    This is a first example with more saturated colors, more contrast and generally all is sharper and brighter.
  • Make It Vintage

    Starting from previous editing, let's make it matte, cutting lighter and darker tones.
  • A different mood

    The matte style on an extreme level makes the picture looking more vintage. Then, I keep the warm tones in wood and skin, but I add a blue tone to contrast the warm one. The result is always a pleasing photo, but We feel different vibes.
  • My choice

    This is another style of editing: colors less saturated, darker exposure and warm tones in order to focus on bride and groom. This is the final editing I chose for Veronica and Patrizio Wedding: take a look at the full photo shoot to see the coherence of all the photographies, shot from the morning to the night.
  • Black and White, high contrast

    The same photo can be edited in Black and White, but also in B&W there are infinite editing style! This one is sharp, high contrast and bride and her wedding dress stand out.
  • Black and White, vintage

    Softened tones, matte, and a touch of vintage: some noise added and darker tones warmed. Now it looks totally different from the previous one.
  • Black and White, sepia

    Warmer — yellow and brown — tones, brighter shadow in order to highlight details.
  • Black and White, colder tones

    Another style, like a nordic picture: it looks as I put a purple filter on the lens of my camera. Tones are colder, but the bride and groom's embrace is still warming my hearth.
  • Pump up the colors!
  • Make It Vintage
  • A different mood
  • My choice
  • Black and White, high contrast
  • Black and White, vintage
  • Black and White, sepia
  • Black and White, colder tones

And now an overview of the original version (in the center) and the eight edited photos:

Wedding Photography Editing Example

An overview of all the editing styles

One shot, different results. I like to personalise every photo shoot because for me every Wedding is different. Most of all, people are different, bride and groom have their own personality. Even if I shoot in the same Wedding venue, You can be sure that the result for two different couple will be completely different! This is why every gallery has a personalised and original editing, different from others.
This I love most of my work: know all "my" couples and picture them by photography in one of the most important day of their lives. Every time is a new challenge, a new pleasure, a new feeling.

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