How many Wedding Photos should You get from Your Photographer?

Before answering "All of them!", read the point of view of a Professional Photographer

Wedding day is one of the most important event in everybody's life. Photos that tell about your love milestone will make you re-live over and over again the emotions of the start of your forever.

But have You ever wonder how many Wedding photos should You get to have a complete memory of Your Wedding Day?

How many Wedding Photos should You get from Your Photographer?

A small part of the photos of a single Wedding Day

Come on, just admit that You have no idea about how many Wedding photos should You get! But let's think about it!

First observation, easy peasy.
Suppose it's a cold evening outside and You want to see Your Wedding photos on a laptop: find the folder and start a slideshow! If You want to see them quickly, You'll see each photo for 5 seconds: You'll need 8 minutes and 20 seconds every 100 photos. But if You really want to enjoy Your pictures, savour their memories, speak between You two, You'll need at least 10 second per photo — and that's conservative — . So, You'll need about 20 minutes every 100 pics (rounded), 40 minutes for 200 pics, one hour for 300 pics, and so on...

Couple looking photos

A couple absorbed in looking their Wedding photos

Second observation. Actually more than an observation this is a request from me: have a look at one of the complete galleries on the website. But look at it carefully: linger on the details, the framing, the moment, the editing, then come back here and go on.
Done? Do you have a sense memory lack? But they're just about 100 photos.
If they were a lot more, they would be lost like a water drop in the sea and You couldn't feel the Story of a Wedding Day. It would be like a stop motion video!

Third observation. Photographies have to be edited, before being enjoyed (have You read our article about Wedding photo editing, haven't You?). A dedicated and accurate editing process needs at least 5 minutes per picture — and, again, that's conservative — . This means working continuously for 8 hours and 20 minutes every 100 photos.
Someone promised to deliver to You 1000 photos? Are You sure He will work for 83 hours — 14 days of 6 continuous hours of work — for that dedicated and accurate editing process? Maybe yes, but You have to pay a lot of money for such work.

A desperate photographer

Break time, a Photographer thinking about editing process of tens of thousands photos

If You trust the Wedding Photographer You hired for one of the most important day of Your lives, believe him if He guarantees that 300 is an appropriate number to tell Your Wedding Day!
That's the reason why IstantiSenzaTempo's offerings include this "magical" number. Obviously, there are specific Weddings requiring a different number of pictures to be told: Intimate Weddings, with few guests or just best-men and bridesmaids, need less than 300 pictures; Weddings that last more than one day, with many events in the main one, need more than 300.
But if Your Wedding isn't part of such particular cases, 300 perfect photographies are what You need in order to have complete, exciting, moving, unforgettable memories of Your Wedding Day.

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