How to get the best photos of Your Wedding, Part 4

Part 4: 5 tips for Bride and Groom portraits

Those moments right after the Ceremony are perfect to take some time for couple portraits as newly-weds! For this situation, as the ones before, here are my 5 top tips to get the best photos of Your Wedding!

How to get the best photos of Your Wedding

Photo shooting at sunset, Flavia and Valerio Wedding

1. Shhhhhhhhhh

I know, last time You saw each other was last night or in the early morning of the Wedding Day. I also know that, after the ceremony, You're hankering after telling a lot of things: how was the getting ready, the phone calls You received, the ceremony itself and how much You are happy. But, if You keep talking, it's difficult to focus on Yourselves.
These probably will be the only moments You will be alone with your photographer: get the most out of it showing your love and pretending to be alone, even without him! Cuddle, play, laugh, hug, dance... but avoid speaking, or You will seem like fishes in an aquarium!

A romantic photo of a newly-weds

Soft light, warm tones: sunset has always the best time for romantic pictures.

2. Naturalness

If You're reading this article, probably You're a lover of candid pictures and photojournalism style. But if You want an amazing shooting experience and an outstanding result in terms of photos, You cannot choose your photographer by chance. You have to trust your photographer and have mutual empathy in order to feel comfortable. You have to be sure that he doesn't want just to shoot photos, but also to tell your love and your story with sincere emotion.
Be aware about that, You'll be natural, as your caresses and your kisses: the final result will be as authentic as your love.

A candid wedding photo

When newly-weds are comfortable, end result is natural and genuine.

3. Keep the others away!

Couple shooting is a sensitive situation between You and your photographer: You'll have this special connection that makes You focused on yourself and makes him focused on his work.
But if there will be other people, probably they will ruin the perfect balance You are looking for for. Their continuous chatting, even their presence, can be distracting and You could feel uncomfortable. Moreover, they could ignore how to move during the shooting, so they can disturb the photographer too.
If someone will offer to stay with You, make them give up: You can say that your photographer is very touchy, I won't be upset!

Bride and groom kissing

If there were other people, this picture would not have been so natural.

4. Trust and tips

As aldready written, I'll keep repeating: find a wedding photographer You trust the most.
With couple shooting, in addition to empathy, trust is essential for another reason: Your photographer can give You many tips while planning Your Wedding, just as I and Andrea do in this blog.
So, here are some example of details that only an expert photographer can recommend:

  • Minimum duration of the shooting, depending on places You'd like to go: I suggest You to compile a list of places in order of importance, so that the photographer can tell You how many You can visit
  • Best time for shooting for each place: You can plan the best tour or, if possible, change the schedule of both the Ceremony and the getting ready
  • Places You don't know
Furthermore, if You are clumsy and you don't know what and how to do it, Your photographer will be aware of it and will guide You for the best result!

Bride and groom glancing each other

A good photographer knows where bride and groom has to be, where light makes amazindg a frame!

5. Another round!

Consider the possibility to have a second couple shooting.
If You have the ceremony in the morning, the couple shooting will be usually just before lunch. In summer time light is strong and the sun is very high in the sky: it's the worst time for portraits, even if experience and gimmicks help having good pictures. So, if You can, plan a second session of shooting in the afternoon: You'll have a better light and certainly a more romantic environment that will bring to You the best result.

If You have the ceremony in the afternoon and for some reason You cannot take advantage of the sunset light, You can remedy with a second shooting session. Or You can use the second session for a shooting at nighttime! When is so dark, the softest light can be enough to set a romantic mood and create a special atmosphere.
If You plan the second shooting with your photographer, 10 minutes will be enough!

Bride and groom at nighttime

I already found the place and set up the light: it needed just few minutes for this shot.

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