How to get the best photos of Your Wedding, Part 2

Part 2: 5 tips for the Groom getting ready

After the first part about the tips for the Bride getting Ready, now it's time for the Groom getting ready!

Everyone knows that the Bride is the real Wedding Star, but also the Groom needs the proper attention! I always recommend Grooms to be photographed while They're getting ready, even if some of them think not to be as fascinating as the Brides. If You feel the same, change Your point of view: plan to make Your getting ready more fascinating, just like the Bride's one!
Here are my 5 tips, follow them or use them as an inspiration if You need a booster for Your getting ready.

A Groom getting ready

A moment of Tommaso getting ready

1. Space, light and order

If You have read the previous article about how to get the best photos for the Bride getting ready You'd know that large rooms, natural light and tidy spaces are the best frame for Your pictures. If You could stay outside It would be even better!

It's never too late to plan Your getting ready: You need just simple expedients, try to implement them!

Getting ready outside

Natural light is always the best choice, from Laura and Sai Wedding

2. Don't get dressed too early

Don't put on the Wedding suit before photographer's arrival! Wait for Your photographer, take Your time and take it easy... Otherwise there won't be any getting ready.

Remember: the Wedding Day is a sequence of unique moments. Don't let them go by! Actually assure Your photographer being always present, He will be a witness and will surely make all that moments unforgettable!

A moment of a Groom getting ready

A special moment of Thor getting ready, an awesome wedding

3. There's more than just get dressed

A woman getting ready takes much longer than the men, I admit it, but we men also have our practices, before getting dressed. Two of them are essential: comb hair and caring beard.

If You're lucky to have a thick head of hair, usually You take care of it and surely You'll comb it before the Ceremony. Same thing for Your beard: whether You shave it or you have mustaches, goatee or a full beard, do it in the presence of Your photographer. It's also a way to blow off some steam and get used to be the target of several lenses. Furthermore, if Your photographer is a discreet and trustworthy person, You'll surely have fun together!

Taking care of Your accessories can be another important moment during Your getting ready: belt, braces, cufflinks, tie, shoes, a uniform You'll dress as Your Wedding dress, an so on.

As you read, there are a lot of activities You'll do on the Wedding Day that You can do with Your photographer participating. Believe me: Your getting ready will be as interesting as the Bride's one, so You'll need a lot of pictures of it!

A groom finishing his beard

Just a comb and the right mood can make interesting a Groom getting ready

4. Roll up, folks!

Even if You're a shy person, You'll surely like to get support and company from people You care the most: friends, parents, cousins, relatives... involve them in your getting ready!

Otherwise You can have two other antipodean choices

First one: You are a loner or You want to live alone the moments before the ceremony. Photos has to be powerful depicting this very intimist feeling: lights and shadow, contrast, slow movements, stylish furniture, meditative activities can only enhance your photos.

Second one: You are a social person and You like to party even before the ceremony. Preparations can be more than getting dressed: You can plan a swim in a pool or at the beach, a bbq... anything fun with the company of pleasant people!

A Groom with his father

A father's glance while his son is getting ready, Ylenia and Andrea Wedding

5. Passions and hobbies

Everyone has one or more time consuming passions or hobbies, that are part of our lives. They characterize Your personality and Your way of being. Since You have around a Professional Photographer, take advantage of his presence in order to have some portrait of You involved in these activities, if it's possible: playing an instrument, with your comic book collection, cooking,... the more unusual are Your passions, the more involving and stimulating it will be for You photographer!

A groom playing piano

We enjoied Christian's amazing performance at piano

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