How to get the best photos of Your Wedding, Part 1

Part 1: 5 tips for the Bride getting Ready

Let's start with this new section about How to get the best photos of Your Wedding! For Your convenience I split this section in several parts, each one dedicated to a situation of the Wedding Day.
Since I love and perform photojournalism style, You won't find instructions in contrast to it nor tips about posing. You'll find instead simple tips You can effect since planning Your Wedding Day.
This first part is about Bride's getting Ready!!

A Bride who feel confortable with her photographer

When You trust Your Photographer, You can also have fun with him!

1. Find a Photographer that can feel you comfortable

A few Brides coming at first to my Studio don't want to be shot while they are getting ready. Reason? They are not used to be in front of a camera, so they feel embarrassed and think they're not photogenic! It's an understandable behaviour if you are not used and they might feel that photographer and filmmaker are invading their private moments.

But Wedding Day isn't an ordinary day and Bride's getting ready is a special moment to remember through time: some Brides live it easygoing, some Brides are anxious, other Brides change their mood just after wearing the Wedding Dress. Don't deprive Yourself of these memories! You can surely overcome these fears, and it will be easy with the Professional Photographer You trust. If You chose Your Photographer following my tips, he/she will surely feel You comfortable and will guarantee amazing memories of a very important part of Your Wedding Day!

You should know that the few Brides that didn't want to be shot during their getting ready, are still thanking me for making them changing their mind!

2. Be Yourself

It seems a common tip but, trust me, it isn't — and it's difficult to carry out.
Consider it in the wider sense. From now until the Wedding Day, a lot of people will dole out unneeded advice: friends, relatives, the venue manager (if Your getting ready will be in the venue), the wedding planner, the Make-Up Artist, ... Listen to them, especially professionals, but:

  • do exactly and only what You want to do
  • surround Yourself with people You really appreciate to stay with
  • make decisions serenely
Remember that not only the Wedding Day, but also all the preparations and the planning itself have to be lived enjoying Yourselves without stress. They are amazing moments that pass in a heartbeat, live them intensely and as a couple!

Be Yourself

Feel free to be Yourself

3. An organized room is Your friend

Where are You planning to getting ready? The room of Your teens? Your parents' bedroom? A big hall in Yours or Your parents' house? An hotel room or a venue's room? Wherever You'll do it, keep the room clean and tidy.
Don't get me wrong: don't look for a cold perfection, but hide messy items that could be noticeable in photos and distract the viewer. I, as a Professional Photographer, always try to conceal the mess, but it restricts my range of movement and framing.
So, since You'll surely have wardrobes, dressers, closets or other rooms, hide Your (and Your relatives') bags, boxes, packages and other unnecessary items. Then, if You could stay away from Your mobile phone for some hours — except for essential communications — it will be awesome!

A clean and tidy room

A clean and tidy room, with just tools of the trade (of the MUA)

4. Fiat lux

Light is essential for a Photographer. It's desirable, but not expected, having a good light during Bride's getting ready: it's not always available a wide room, with a suitable furniture, lit by natural light. Surely You have to avoid natural light mixed with artificial ones. These two light sources could be inconsistent: even if You can't notice it, it could stand out in a photography that one source is warmer and the other is colder.

How can You find the best position for Bride's getting ready? The ideal one is a wide hall lit by natural light, by way of a window or a glass wall, not in the direct sunlight.
Probably Your Make-Up Artist will come earlier than Your Photographer — unless You are one of the few Brides who likes to be shot without make-up —, so You can ask your MUA where is the best position for his/her work: MUA too needs natural light, so he/she could find a good position. But it's a good idea to warn him/her that Photographer could suggest to change Bride's position.

A Bride's lit by only natural light

If You can get ready outside, You ca have the best natural light!

5. No panic!

Don't let anger or, worst, panic spoil one of the most beautiful day of Your life!
Be prepared to take on some glitches with the right feelings: some things could take unexpected ways or there could be some delays.
Be calm, take it easy, it's Your amazing day and it cannot be ruined by anybody or anything! Actually every professionals (and all people around You) will bend over backwards in order to help You and solve every problem.

A friend's support

Don't worry: everybody will support and help You!

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