Wedding reportage in Rome: Martina and Stefano

If I think about this Wedding, one word appears in my mind: romantic. The loving story of Martina and Stefano is full of romantic moments, of surprises, of the uncontrollable will of living the life together. Now We know each other very well, most of all because of my Wife's work (she is the Wedding Designer that set up everything) and the lots of meetings We had together.
The theme of the Wedding is Midnight in Paris: the early '900 Paris set in Villa Rosantica depicted their story, their being, their love, that were shown to all the guests.

All of that is tangible in this Gallery: the tension while they were getting ready, the glances in the Ceremony, the pictures at Colosseo - where they met for the first time -, the Reception, full of surprises and set in a perfectly wonderful frame.

Ceremony: Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo (known also as Chiesa dei Lampadari, meaning Church of Chandelier), Roma
Reception: Villa Rosantica, Roma
Wedding Designer: La Sposa degli Alberi

Photo: Francesco Galdieri, Paola Sulpizio

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IstantiSenzaTempo (meaning TimeLessMoments): not just a name, but a way of being

2016, August 29th. Midnight in Paris. Our wedding was photographed, filmed and represented by IstantiSenzaTempo. By images and videos They told our Story, our Love, our Complicity.
Their is not just a name, but a way of being! Because the Wedding Day is really unforgettable. With such care We dream about it, We plan it, We wait for it, We prepare it and in a few moments it flows, but it remains imprinted in the heart, a moment that almost stops time.
The anxiety mixed with the emotion during the preparations before the exit to the church, the candid shots, some unforeseen events... with their spontaneity and patience, especially Francesco and Andrea, They were able to create with us a bond that goes beyond the technique, They had the ability to make us feel "at home".
And months later, when my husband and I see again the videos, we browse through our album, relive everything, down to the last detail, and it's wonderful! Again, thanks, guys!

— Martina and Stefano —

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