Wedding Shooting in Rome: Sabina and Tommaso Wedding

Sabina and Tommaso's Wedding was a real party, since We met in the morning in order to have a photo feature of their "getting ready", until the late night, full of dance and fun: They were always smiling and joyful, but also their guests celebrated this event with unique emotional invovement and a lot of fun!

All the IstantiSenzaTempo crew was infected by these feelings and enthusiasm, both during the Wedding and post-producting the photos, remembering intense situations and bending over with laughter for the funniest ones.
Sabina and Tommaso, thank You for make Us part of one of the most important days of Your life!

Ceremony: Chiesa di San Rocco all'Augusteo, Roma
Reception: Casali Santa Brigida, Roma
Wedding dress and suit: Davino Spose, Marco Di Giuseppe
Make-up: Paola Sgro
Photo: Francesco Galdieri, Eliana Giaccheri

sabina tommaso-001
sabina tommaso-006-2
sabina tommaso-008
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sabina tommaso-012-2
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sabina tommaso-029-2
sabina tommaso-030
sabina tommaso-037-2
sabina tommaso-042-2
sabina tommaso-045-2
sabina tommaso-052
sabina tommaso-059-2
sabina tommaso-062-2
sabina tommaso-068
sabina tommaso-071
sabina tommaso-074
sabina tommaso-077-2
sabina tommaso-080
sabina tommaso-081-2
sabina tommaso-084-2
sabina tommaso-087
sabina tommaso-089
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sabina tommaso-093
sabina tommaso-096-2
sabina tommaso-098
sabina tommaso-104
sabina tommaso-119-2
sabina tommaso-126
sabina tommaso-128-2
sabina tommaso-132-2
sabina tommaso-149
sabina tommaso-152
sabina tommaso-163-2
sabina tommaso-198
sabina tommaso-199-2
sabina tommaso-201
sabina tommaso-204
sabina tommaso-208-2
sabina tommaso-216
sabina tommaso-219
sabina tommaso-222-2
sabina tommaso-223
sabina tommaso-251
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sabina tommaso-352
sabina tommaso-386
sabina tommaso-394-2
sabina tommaso-429
sabina tommaso-432
sabina tommaso-447
sabina tommaso-463-2
sabina tommaso-470
sabina tommaso-484
sabina tommaso-485
sabina tommaso-489-2
sabina tommaso-491
sabina tommaso-494
sabina tommaso-496-2
sabina tommaso-504
sabina tommaso-510-2
sabina tommaso-516
sabina tommaso-523
sabina tommaso-524-2
sabina tommaso-534
sabina tommaso-557
sabina tommaso-582
sabina tommaso-585
sabina tommaso-622
sabina tommaso-638
sabina tommaso-683-2
sabina tommaso-694
sabina tommaso-697
sabina tommaso-705-2
sabina tommaso-718
sabina tommaso-722
sabina tommaso-732
sabina tommaso-741
sabina tommaso-754-2
sabina tommaso-767
sabina tommaso-769-2
sabina tommaso-773
sabina tommaso-780-2
sabina tommaso-791-2
sabina tommaso-854
sabina tommaso-860
sabina tommaso-882-2
sabina tommaso-884
sabina tommaso-889-2
sabina tommaso-901
sabina tommaso-902
sabina tommaso-908
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sabina tommaso-914

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