International Wedding in Italy: Laura and Sai

Sai is an Indian man, Laura is an italian woman. They live both in USA, so they chose to celebrate their International Wedding all over ther World, in places they lived in and with people they care. After an evocative ceremony in India and a civil one in the USA with present friends, They finished their World Wedding Tour in Italy, having a Catholic ceremony in a little church in Rome.
A little bit of Destination Wedding in Italy, a little bit of coming-back-home for Laura, surely an amazing discovery for Sai of a peculiar ceremony and a party with people from all the corners of the World.

When two cultures meet each other, only good things can arise. When two people of two different cultures bump into each other and love themselves, only a bright and exiting life can arise.

Ceremony: Chiesa di S. Pancrazio, Roma
Reception: Villa San Nicola, Roma
Wedding Designer: La Sposa degli Alberi Wedding Designer
Bride's Dress: Rembo Styling at Il Giardino Fiorito delle Spose
Groom's Dress: Boggi Milano
Music: Welcome To Hill Valley
Flowers: Ceccotti Flowers
Make-up: Cinzia Carletti, Federico Venzi and Stefano Venzi

Photo: Francesco Galdieri and Alessandro Costantino

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Could not recommend them more!

Professional and kind, they actually listen to your wishes and concerns. Our wedding was beautifully documented in all its crucial moments, and in the more subtle details. They were also very helpful throughout the whole process with suggestions and ideas, and we felt we really received a product tailored specifically for us. Could not recommend them more!

— Laura and Sai —

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