Destination Wedding Le 7 Fonti: Giulia and Lorenzo

A wonderful couple, two exquisite people. Their wedding can be described by just one word: naturalness.
During the entire event there were no place for anxiety, rather we had fun together, from the beginning to the end. And there were place also for a short break, just before the Ceremony: Giulia felt so comfortable that begun, unexpectedly (for both of us!), to pose for me. While some brides live that moments in agitation, She lived in joy and serenity. And I am more than happy that I was part of it, taking pictures of that instants.

Ceremony and Reception: Le 7 Fonti, Roma

Photo: Francesco Galdieri, Andrea Tricarico

giulia lorenzo-009
giulia lorenzo-012
giulia lorenzo-014-2
giulia lorenzo-016
giulia lorenzo-018
giulia lorenzo-019
giulia lorenzo-021
giulia lorenzo-022-2
giulia lorenzo-024-2
giulia lorenzo-027
giulia lorenzo-028-2
giulia lorenzo-030
giulia lorenzo-039-2
giulia lorenzo-040-2
giulia lorenzo-042
giulia lorenzo-044
giulia lorenzo-049-2
giulia lorenzo-053-2
giulia lorenzo-056-2
giulia lorenzo-058-2
giulia lorenzo-061
giulia lorenzo-077
giulia lorenzo-078-2
giulia lorenzo-081
giulia lorenzo-086-2
giulia lorenzo-088
giulia lorenzo-091
giulia lorenzo-105
giulia lorenzo-113
giulia lorenzo-116-2
giulia lorenzo-126
giulia lorenzo-129
giulia lorenzo-139-2
giulia lorenzo-141
giulia lorenzo-144
giulia lorenzo-160-2
giulia lorenzo-162-2
giulia lorenzo-165-2
giulia lorenzo-172-2
giulia lorenzo-175-2
giulia lorenzo-179-2
giulia lorenzo-191
giulia lorenzo-192
giulia lorenzo-209-2
giulia lorenzo-228
giulia lorenzo-249
giulia lorenzo-262
giulia lorenzo-265-2
giulia lorenzo-278-2
giulia lorenzo-289
giulia lorenzo-296
giulia lorenzo-301
giulia lorenzo-304
giulia lorenzo-305
giulia lorenzo-306
giulia lorenzo-311
giulia lorenzo-312
giulia lorenzo-320-2
giulia lorenzo-321-2
giulia lorenzo-340-2
giulia lorenzo-345
giulia lorenzo-355-2
giulia lorenzo-374-2
giulia lorenzo-382-2
giulia lorenzo-391-2
giulia lorenzo-427
giulia lorenzo-454-2
giulia lorenzo-459-2
giulia lorenzo-514
giulia lorenzo-526
giulia lorenzo-536-2
giulia lorenzo-538-2
giulia lorenzo-549
giulia lorenzo-552
giulia lorenzo-555
giulia lorenzo-558-2
giulia lorenzo-630-2
giulia lorenzo-649
giulia lorenzo-652
giulia lorenzo-668
giulia lorenzo-674-2
giulia lorenzo-680-2
giulia lorenzo-696
giulia lorenzo-709
giulia lorenzo-710
giulia lorenzo-717-2
giulia lorenzo-730-2
giulia lorenzo-757-2
giulia lorenzo-767-2
giulia lorenzo-770
giulia lorenzo-772-2
giulia lorenzo-803-2
giulia lorenzo-810
giulia lorenzo-821
giulia lorenzo-828-2
giulia lorenzo-835-2
giulia lorenzo-892

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