Italian wedding venue Villa Rosantica: Francesca and Ariel Wedding

A very peculiar Wedding, the one celebrated with the Jewish ritual here in Italy. The undeniable fascination of the Great Synagogue of Rome, the symbolism and the history of a captivating ritual, almost completely sung with litanies that recall memories of middle-eastern lands, the other rituals inside the location, Villa Rosantica, with choral songs, a joyful party with wild dances and an energy that can be felt, were for me a unique experience.
Love, Faith, the extended Family of all the guests: these are the elements that mark an intense, full, unforgettable Wedding.

Ceremony: Tempio Maggiore, Rome
Reception: Villa Rosantica, Rome
Wedding Designer: La Sposa degli Alberi

Photo: Francesco Galdieri, Paola Sulpizio

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francesca ariel-033
francesca ariel-035
francesca ariel-038
francesca ariel-045
francesca ariel-047
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francesca ariel-157
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francesca ariel-162
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francesca ariel-171-2
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francesca ariel-180
francesca ariel-182
francesca ariel-186-2
francesca ariel-189
francesca ariel-197-2
francesca ariel-198-2
francesca ariel-200-2
francesca ariel-207
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francesca ariel-212-2
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francesca ariel-254-2
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francesca ariel-259-2
francesca ariel-264
francesca ariel-266-2
francesca ariel-271
francesca ariel-280-2
francesca ariel-295
francesca ariel-299-2
francesca ariel-304-2
francesca ariel-306-2
francesca ariel-310-2
francesca ariel-318
francesca ariel-319
francesca ariel-321-2
francesca ariel-322-2
francesca ariel-326
francesca ariel-335-2
francesca ariel-338
francesca ariel-343
francesca ariel-344-2
francesca ariel-345
francesca ariel-350-2
francesca ariel-353-2
francesca ariel-357-2
francesca ariel-361
francesca ariel-370
francesca ariel-372
francesca ariel-374
francesca ariel-376-2
francesca ariel-378
francesca ariel-387-2
francesca ariel-390-2
francesca ariel-392-2
francesca ariel-399-2
francesca ariel-408
francesca ariel-415
francesca ariel-416
francesca ariel-450-2
francesca ariel-460-2
francesca ariel-475-2
francesca ariel-493
francesca ariel-498
francesca ariel-509-2
francesca ariel-510-2
francesca ariel-516
francesca ariel-518-2
francesca ariel-528
francesca ariel-534
francesca ariel-537
francesca ariel-542
francesca ariel-552
francesca ariel-555
francesca ariel-563
francesca ariel-572
francesca ariel-577
francesca ariel-579
francesca ariel-580
francesca ariel-584
francesca ariel-599
francesca ariel-600
francesca ariel-603
francesca ariel-605
francesca ariel-607
francesca ariel-609
francesca ariel-638-2
francesca ariel-655
francesca ariel-659
francesca ariel-662
francesca ariel-664
francesca ariel-665
francesca ariel-666
francesca ariel-670
francesca ariel-674
francesca ariel-681
francesca ariel-683
francesca ariel-690
francesca ariel-706
francesca ariel-708
francesca ariel-726-2
francesca ariel-728
francesca ariel-738
francesca ariel-740
francesca ariel-742
francesca ariel-745-2
francesca ariel-755-2
francesca ariel-756-2
francesca ariel-758
francesca ariel-768-2
francesca ariel-782-2
francesca ariel-791
francesca ariel-793-2
francesca ariel-794
francesca ariel-796-2
francesca ariel-797-2
francesca ariel-799-2
francesca ariel-816
francesca ariel-824
francesca ariel-842-2
francesca ariel-865
francesca ariel-877
francesca ariel-894
francesca ariel-900
francesca ariel-901
francesca ariel-902
francesca ariel-903
francesca ariel-904
francesca ariel-907
francesca ariel-908
francesca ariel-909
francesca ariel-913
francesca ariel-984

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