Wedding Photography in Rome: Myriam and Valerio Wedding

Myriam, Valerio, their limitless love, the family, the friends and... the Converse's All Star are the main characters of a Wedding made special not only by the Bride and the Groom themselves but also - most of all indeed - by their eccentricity, reflected by all the guests and amplified by the context of an amazing location.

Ceremony and Reception: Le 7 Fonti, Roma

Photo: Francesco Galdieri, Andrea Tricarico

myriam valerio-0005
myriam valerio-0018
myriam valerio-0030
myriam valerio-0037
myriam valerio-0046
myriam valerio-0055
myriam valerio-0071
myriam valerio-0099
myriam valerio-0101
myriam valerio-0115
myriam valerio-0123
myriam valerio-0142
myriam valerio-0168
myriam valerio-0216
myriam valerio-0226
myriam valerio-0233
myriam valerio-0242
myriam valerio-0245
myriam valerio-0258
myriam valerio-0271
myriam valerio-0275
myriam valerio-0276
myriam valerio-0279
myriam valerio-0288
myriam valerio-0298
myriam valerio-0300
myriam valerio-0335
myriam valerio-0347
myriam valerio-0349
myriam valerio-0368
myriam valerio-0383
myriam valerio-0407
myriam valerio-0415
myriam valerio-0420
myriam valerio-0430
myriam valerio-0436
myriam valerio-0447
myriam valerio-0453
myriam valerio-0458
myriam valerio-0468
myriam valerio-0470
myriam valerio-0471
myriam valerio-0484
myriam valerio-0488
myriam valerio-0499
myriam valerio-0522
myriam valerio-0529
myriam valerio-0542
myriam valerio-0570
myriam valerio-0573
myriam valerio-0580
myriam valerio-0582
myriam valerio-0590
myriam valerio-0593
myriam valerio-0595
myriam valerio-0604
myriam valerio-0609
myriam valerio-0620
myriam valerio-0622
myriam valerio-0625
myriam valerio-0630
myriam valerio-0638
myriam valerio-0641
myriam valerio-0648
myriam valerio-0649
myriam valerio-0657
myriam valerio-0660
myriam valerio-0664
myriam valerio-0669
myriam valerio-0671
myriam valerio-0691
myriam valerio-0719
myriam valerio-0727
myriam valerio-0755
myriam valerio-0778
myriam valerio-0799
myriam valerio-0800
myriam valerio-0807
myriam valerio-0809
myriam valerio-0811
myriam valerio-0825
myriam valerio-0845
myriam valerio-0846
myriam valerio-0896
myriam valerio-0905
myriam valerio-0932

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