Wedding of Memories: Claudia and Roberto

Claudia and Roberto are two amazing people: We felt a deep connection between Us from the first meeting and our relationship grew beyond the client-professional and became a truthful friendship.
This is the best thing that can happen for Us: We have to catch emotions in photographies and when We do feel that emotions, all comes spontaneously. Luckily It happens often, We have great clients!

Take a look at the Wedding Reportage and pay attention to the amazing work of La Sposa degli Alberi Wedding Designer: She was able to tell Claudia and Roberto's Love Story in her Tableau de marriage, just like a diary can tell the Love Story of a teenager.

Venue: Parco dei Cimini - Azienda Agrituristica BioResort, Soriano nel Cimino (VT)
Wedding Designer: La Sposa degli Alberi Wedding Designer
Bride Wedding Dress: Abiti Sposa, Sposo e Cerimonia "Protagonisti" (Roma)
Groom Wedding Dress: Dorians

Photo: Francesco Galdieri and Eliana Giaccheri

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claudia roberto-010
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claudia roberto-310-2
claudia roberto-316-2
claudia roberto-320
claudia roberto-328-2
claudia roberto-337-2
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claudia roberto-350
claudia roberto-355-2
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claudia roberto-375-2
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claudia roberto-388-2
claudia roberto-398-2
claudia roberto-403-2
claudia roberto-407
claudia roberto-410-2
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claudia roberto-415
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claudia roberto-650-2
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claudia roberto-654
claudia roberto-658
claudia roberto-660
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claudia roberto-681
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claudia roberto-741
claudia roberto-753
claudia roberto-761
claudia roberto-762-2
claudia roberto-767-2
claudia roberto-773
claudia roberto-780
claudia roberto-781
claudia roberto-791
claudia roberto-792-2
claudia roberto-793-2
claudia roberto-798
claudia roberto-802
claudia roberto-804
claudia roberto-805
claudia roberto-806
claudia roberto-812
claudia roberto-819
claudia roberto-821
claudia roberto-822
claudia roberto-826
claudia roberto-827


Thank you for participating in Our Dream

The real success of a profession is to win over the customer by leaving an unforgettable trace in his heart.
Thank you for participating in Our Dream.

— Claudia and Roberto —

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