Wedding Photoshoot into the Woods: Claudia and Daniele

Claudia and Daniele are two simple people, but they're also resolved and precise in things they looking for. They had an amazing party: first of all, the setting of both the Ceremony and the Reception, the Parco dei Cimini, then the French Bistrot-themed setup by La Sposa degli Alberi, the wonderful weather and light we had the whole day and, last but not least, the warmth and enthusiasm of friends and family.

Ceremony and Reception: Parco dei Cimini, Soriano nel Cimino (VT)
Wedding Designer: La Sposa degli Alberi

Photo: Francesco Galdieri, Andrea Tricarico

claudia daniele-01
claudia daniele-02
claudia daniele-03
claudia daniele-04
claudia daniele-05
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claudia daniele-07
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claudia daniele-09
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claudia daniele-34
claudia daniele-35
claudia daniele-36
claudia daniele-37
claudia daniele-38
claudia daniele-39
claudia daniele-40
claudia daniele-41
claudia daniele-42
claudia daniele-43
claudia daniele-44
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claudia daniele-46
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claudia daniele-54
claudia daniele-55
claudia daniele-56
claudia daniele-57
claudia daniele-58
claudia daniele-59
claudia daniele-60
claudia daniele-61
claudia daniele-62
claudia daniele-63
claudia daniele-64
claudia daniele-65
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claudia daniele-83
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