Weddings Venue Bracciano Lake: Alessandra e Marco Wedding

A Wedding full of colors, music and a lot of fun! And the sweetness of the bride and the groom that stands out all the photos!

Ceremony e Reception: Tra Lago e Cielo, Bracciano (RM)
Wedding Designer: La Sposa degli Alberi

Photo: Francesco Galdieri, Rosario Curia

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My two extra bridesmaids

IstantiSenzaTempo shot our Wedding on June 11th of 2016. The idea We had was a simple marriage, no contrived but with deep feelings: this was the case. Thanks to Francesco We have lots of candid photos with great attention to detail. IstantiSenzaTempo is characterized by a very meticulous work both during the Wedding Day (I jokingly nicknamed Francesco and his colleague as my two extra bridesmaids, because They were present and attentive at all times, especially during my preparation), and during photo editing process, after the Wedding Day. I would certainly recommend it to all those couples who want candid photos, well-edited and far from the old "pose" style of the past.

— Alessandra and Marco —

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