I know this much: that there is objective time, but also subjective time, the kind you wear on the inside of your wrist, next to where the pulse lies. And this personal time, which is the true time, is measured in your relationship to memory.

Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending

The photographic wedding service usually has a variable time span never inferior to 8 hours and doesn’t exceed 10 hours. Variations to standard situations can be managed with no problem.
I avail of the collaboration of assistants with competence and expertise. It is anyway possible to request the cooperation of a second professional photographer in support of or in substitution of an assistant.
Coverage of the event
When possible, especially in terms of distance, I always try to personally follow the preliminary preparation (dress and make up) of the bride and groom.
Alternatively, it is possible to request the collaboration of a second professional photographer, in substitution of an assistant, to follow one of the preliminary preparations.
I live in Rome but I can travel to whichever destination in which you may need my work.
My method of working consists in portraying all that happens around me, without forcing matters in any way. Therefore constant discretion and concentration allow me to document at best the event and its participants.
The greater is my acquaintance with the bride and groom, the more pleasant it will be to work together and the easier it will be for them, once the event is over, to find in their images, an impression in compliance with who they really are. The friendly relationship we establish doesn’t necessarily have to finish with the end of the event, actually it would be great if it continued!!!
The developing
The results of the day spent together are still not ready to be handed over. In the same way as in the past a careful development of negatives was necessary, with digital pictures, a post-photography procedure is necessary to convey to the images the right colour belonging to each moment.
The photos
The most popular offering includes the supply of 300 photos in digital format and in maximum resolution. These pictures will all be the result of a careful editing process carried out personally by me whilst the selection of the snaps will obviously be made in agreement with you.
You have the right of publication on the photos you are supplied with.
The printing
The top offering includes the possible printing layout of a photo-book or of a traditional album but does not include printing expenses of the photo book and/or traditional album.

Why You should choose IstantiSenzaTempo

  • Customization

    Photo shoot
    Photobook: model and materials
    Photobook: layout and graphics
    Film: editing and soundtrack

    Everything is tailored on the couple, the mood and the emotions of the Wedding.

  • Editing

    Editing by Francesco and Andrea, no third parties involved: editing process is essential to give character and personality to photos and film.

    Your Wedding photos and film will have the same style — but not the same editing — of the ones shown on the website.

  • Presence

    Francesco and Andrea guarantee their presence during the whole Wedding: IstantiSenzaTempo manages just one event per day in order to catch every moment.

  • Transparency

    Transparent costs, no unwanted surprises. You can add some services even after the Wedding day, if it's technically possible.

    We suggest to choose the Photobook or the Traditional album after the delivery of the digital photos: You can choose it pairing the style, colors and materials with the mood of the pictures; You can pay it just before the order.

  • Quality

    High quality guaranteed in every step of photo and film services:

    before the photo shoot (consulting and support while You're organising Your Wedding)
    on the Wedding Day
    editing and final products, well-finished in every detail

  • Professionalism

    Francesco and Andrea are Professional Photographers and Filmmakers, They use only professional hardware and software and collaborate with other high level professionals (additional photographers and operators).

  • Guarantee

    IstantiSenzaTempo Studio, in the person of FRANCESCO GALDIERI, ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers) associated, in order to have maximum transparency in relations with customers, is committed to:

    guarantee by contract the personal presence of the photographer mentioned in the contract, to cover the photo shoot and not to replace it by any internal or external collaborator, except for reasons of documented serious impossibility to perform the work;
    ensure clarity in prices, and deliver together with the contract a price list containing all costs of extras and options, such as additional prints, albums, reprints and any other element that may vary the initial quote.

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