Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.

Robert Altman

Two cameramen, with Andrea as director, will be following the bride and the groom during the preparations, the ceremony and the party. They will be as discreet as the photographers, and will follow their same style: modern, detail-oriented, reportage-like. Having two cameramen on site is essential to ensure that the same scene is taken from two different points of view and that enough material is gathered for a quality editing afterwards.
Andrea will be personally responsible for editing the film. He stresses the importance of establishing a dialog with the bride and the groom, in order to get to know them better and therefore ensuring a tailored and customized outcome, although filtered by his subjective point of view and creativity.
A good soundtrack is the fundamental element for an emotional film.
Rarely the songs that are meaningful to the couple also suit the wedding film scenes, as well as commercial hits could distract the viewer, bringing the original video-clip to their mind.
Andrea will guide you to the perfect choice of an effective soundtrack, taking your suggestions into account and providing the perfect solution for the film he intends to edit. It does not matter what musical genre, as long as the soundtrack perfectly suits the occasion!
We are convinced that the ideal duration for a wedding film shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes. It will be care of the editor to be able to gather the full day in the correct time constraint, carefully selecting the recorded material and editing it as to include the intimate, evocative moments of the couple as well as the joyful and funny ones spent with family and friends.
A customized film is the natural consequence of establishing a relationship with the bride and the groom that is based on likings, curiosity and mutual trust. The tuning is necessary to create not only a high quality product but also tailored on the bride and groom’s spirit.
Andrea has amazing ideas to this subject, let him personally show you some!
Finished Product
The film of about 15 minutes will be handed over to you, in the most popular offering, with a short trailer too, of the duration of more or less 90 seconds. The two HD files will be provided in digital format on a USB device, in a practical and effective way. You can also ask us to provide you the files on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Why You should choose IstantiSenzaTempo

  • Customization

    Photo shoot
    Photobook: model and materials
    Photobook: layout and graphics
    Film: editing and soundtrack

    Everything is tailored on the couple, the mood and the emotions of the Wedding.

  • Editing

    Editing by Francesco and Andrea, no third parties involved: editing process is essential to give character and personality to photos and film.

    Your Wedding photos and film will have the same style — but not the same editing — of the ones shown on the website.

  • Presence

    Francesco and Andrea guarantee their presence during the whole Wedding: IstantiSenzaTempo manages just one event per day in order to catch every moment.

  • Transparency

    Transparent costs, no unwanted surprises. You can add some services even after the Wedding day, if it's technically possible.

    We suggest to choose the Photobook or the Traditional album after the delivery of the digital photos: You can choose it pairing the style, colors and materials with the mood of the pictures; You can pay it just before the order.

  • Quality

    High quality guaranteed in every step of photo and film services:

    before the photo shoot (consulting and support while You're organising Your Wedding)
    on the Wedding Day
    editing and final products, well-finished in every detail

  • Professionalism

    Francesco and Andrea are Professional Photographers and Filmmakers, They use only professional hardware and software and collaborate with other high level professionals (additional photographers and operators).

  • Guarantee

    IstantiSenzaTempo Studio, in the person of FRANCESCO GALDIERI, ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers) associated, in order to have maximum transparency in relations with customers, is committed to:

    guarantee by contract the personal presence of the photographer mentioned in the contract, to cover the photo shoot and not to replace it by any internal or external collaborator, except for reasons of documented serious impossibility to perform the work;
    ensure clarity in prices, and deliver together with the contract a price list containing all costs of extras and options, such as additional prints, albums, reprints and any other element that may vary the initial quote.

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