Wedding near Circo Massimo: Valentina and Michael

A Winter Wedding in Rome, near the Circo Massimo, the big place where Romans performed chariots races.
Bride and Groom get ready in the Reception's Location, an historic building just in front of Circo Massimo. The Ceremony was officiated in an ancient Church of Rome, where You can image the life in centuries of History. After the Reception, Valentina and Michael had another party in a little pub with friends.
It was a romantic and amazing Wedding Party in Rome for a sweet and kind couple, with their hearts thinking to a new life that will came and was witness of their Wedding Day.

Ceremony: San Giorgio al Velabro, Roma
Reception: Domus Circo Massimo, Roma
Post-Reception: Anima Mundi, Roma

Photo: Francesco Galdieri and Andrea Tricarico

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Great professionalism

Great professionalism: they always keep the customer at the center of attention.
Highly recommended, We're keeping our relationship with them after the Wedding for other collaborations.

— Valentina and Michael —

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