Destination wedding Castello Miramare: Franz and Domenico

A half-swiss, half-italian Wedding, framed by one of the most popular beaches near Rome, at the most beautiful moment of the day, the sunset. And just one color, white, for the dresses of Franz and Domenico and all the guests. A simple Ceremony for an intense and emotional Wedding.

Ceremony and Reception: Castello Miramare, Maccarese (RM)

Photo: Francesco Galdieri, Giancarmine Manco

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franz domenico-008-2
franz domenico-009-2
franz domenico-011
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franz domenico-033
franz domenico-038
franz domenico-043-2
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franz domenico-053
franz domenico-055
franz domenico-057
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franz domenico-160
franz domenico-171-2
franz domenico-174
franz domenico-182
franz domenico-189-2
franz domenico-196
franz domenico-198
franz domenico-207
franz domenico-208
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franz domenico-239
franz domenico-245-2
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franz domenico-253
franz domenico-254-2
franz domenico-258
franz domenico-266-3
franz domenico-275
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