5 reasons to have a wedding photo book

If you don't want to print a photo book it's only because you don't know what you're missing!

I'm a technology lover, but fro me some things are linked inevitably to the analog world. For example I just can't read comics on a screen, whether they are comics, manga, manhwa, graphic novels or whatever. And photos also fall into the category of those objects I prefer to have in physical rather than digital format.
As you may know, in our offer of wedding photo services we do not include albums or photobooks in our package, not only because we prefer to leave the freedom to choose whether to buy them or not, but above all because these products are so customizable that it would not make sense to include them in a closed package offer: setting a price for the album or photo book should limit some choices, instead we prefer that our couples have maximum freedom of expression even designing their album or photo book.

But if you're still undecided, read on the 5 reasons to have a photo book. And not only that: at the bottom of this article you will also find some answers to the most frequently asked questions by our couples on this very topic!

5 reasons to have a wedding photo book

A box covered with wood - a matte paper and a cinematographic layout for thew book

Why wedding photographers won't deliver unedited photos

The definitive guide to understand what's behind the work of your wedding photographer

This topic concerns any type of professional photography and not only wedding photography, except for some isolated cases: photojournalists, who need to deliver the photos to their clients as soon as possible, do not have enough time for the editing and therefore they deliver the photos as they are developed directly by the camera (it is called OOC, Out Of Camera).
For all other cases, however, editing is an integral part of the creative process of making a photograph.

Throughout this article there will be interactive comparisons to show you the difference between an edited photo and the same photo Out of Camera. Simply move the slider below the picture to get immediate feedback of what I am writing to you.

How to go from a "dull" photograph to one in which the couple is really the center of attention.

So you have already read the answer to the initial question in brief, but if you want to better understand what happens to a photograph of yours, I recommend you read on!

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

And the only way you have to how to save money on wedding photography

If you have started organizing your wedding, you're dealing with your available budget and the many expenses to be incurred. Among the most important voices, for some of you there will certainly be the wedding photographer, the one who will have the honor and the burden of documenting your wedding and leaving you a memory made of images of one of the most beautiful and important day in your life.

But how much does a wedding photographer cost? If you have already looked around for a while, you will have noticed that the offer is very wide, with very different prices. Why is there so much disparity and why is the cost of a wedding photographer so high on average?
If you want to know more about it and if you want to know the only way you have to save money, read on this article!

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

How to save money in choosing your wedding photographer?

Engagement Video in Mexico

Video shooting among Mexico and United States

Engagement video in Mexico

Lucy and Mario dance together in Explanada Baca Calderòn square.

Baila! Couldn't be different the title for this Mexican-United States engagement video service.
Mario and Lucy in fact met thanks to the dance. Both have a great passion for bachata, salsa and especially cumbia: the other protagonist of this engagement video service.

10 mistakes to avoid choosing a wedding photographer

For a conscious and unrepentant choice

So far in this blog we have dealt with giving you a series of tips on the many subjects that revolve around wedding photography and videography, all based on "what to do" or "how to do it". Now let's reverse the point of view and put ourselves in your shoes, those of a couple that is looking for a wedding photographer: after giving you many ideas on "what to do" now we tell you "what not to do", or how to avoid the most common mistakes you might make choosing your photographer.

Once the wedding day has passed, in addition to your personal memories will last those told through the photographs: it is therefore important that the latter are the result of the vision of a photographer you have full confidence and that will be able to make you go back in time and relive those same authentic emotions.
If you are reading this article, it means that you care a lot about this type of memory and you are not part of those couples who underestimate the importance of the best photo shoot for their wedding: you are already on the right path, now you just have to stay there!

Let's start with the 10 mistakes to avoid choosing a wedding photographer!

10 mistakes to avoid choosing a wedding photographer

Read on to avoid trivial mistakes like this!

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