A Magic Wedding

Serena and Leonardo at Tenuta la Torretta

2020 has been quite a troubled year when it comes to weddings (and not only them...), you all know that. However, between postponements, cancellations (especially by foreigners), insecurities, reorganizations, there were someone who did not want to give up their marriage. And, to be honest, none of them regretted this kind of choice, at least among "our" couples.

Among these brave couples, the first were Serena and Leonardo, a splendidly matched couple with very clear ideas. She is an archaeologist, he is an engineer, both with many passions in common. The date they chose to get married was May 30th but they then decided to move the wedding exactly three months after that date, August 30th.

In hindsight, they made the right decision, although at first it was a bit painful due to some inevitable sacrifices. On August 30th in Rome, an early morning rain helped refresh a late summer day, only to be forgotten in the afternoon, leaving us with a clear sky, a memorable sunset and an evening with a splendid moon. During this day, which is somewhat atypical for everyone, there was no lack of emotions: those so strong that it is impossible to hold them back and which flow in the form of tears and the sweet ones, whispered with looks, caresses and gentle hugs.

A Magic Wedding

Maternity photo shoot in Rome

Waiting for a new life

There are days in your life that are indelible. Those of the first times for example, such as the first day of school, the first evening out with friends, the first kiss. Then there are days that mark you forever, in a positive or negative way. We tell the happiest days of your life, we often tell the day of your wedding, that usually is defined as THE most important day of all and of course we are the first to believe it. However, maybe to be honest it is likely THE most important day is the birth of a child. In fact, it will probably be the day that will truly revolutionize your life. And what about those nine months preceding that moment? They will surely forever be an unforgettable period, strange in some ways. The waiting, the fears, the desires, the enthusiasm; every emotion will be amplified to its maximum and a woman's body will never be so feminine. It is certainly a moment that we believe it is right to tell about.

Maternity photo shoot in Rome

A new awareness

Love in the Time of Covid

Finally since the end of August we have been back to taking pictures and shooting videos for what we like best: weddings!

There have been many difficulties our couples have encountered in carrying out the organization of their weddings but, with the spirit of those who want to reach their goal, they have succeeded in their endeavour. Both the ceremonies and parties were touching – so touching – and fun. In documenting them we have returned to breathe "our" air, almost as if we had returned to the mountains after a long period spent in the city.

Italian Wedding Photographer
Italian Wedding Videographer

Here we are grappling with what we love the most!

We will slowly show you these new works, but first we would like to tell you something that is very important to us.

7 things you should tell your wedding photographer...

... and 3 things you shouldn't tell him!

There is some information related to your wedding that is invaluable for us photographers (but also for videomakers) in order to do our job better. Since this is a unique event in your life, it would be a good idea that the professional you have chosen telling the wedding day at least ask you for the information that I will list in this article.

If you are our customers, don't worry: we will ask you in time for all the details we need to produce the best wedding photo shoot for you. Maybe, if you are curious, read the article to the end to know what to expect, but above all the reasons why we do it.
For those who are here looking for wedding tips, also on how to choose your wedding photographer, is welcome: in your search for a photographer / videomaker it could be useful ask the professionals in front of you what information they need. So you'll be able to evaluate them based on what you have learned here. Let's get started!

Bride and groom silhouette at sunset

8 tips for your wedding photos

Follow this simple and complete guide to get the best photos of your wedding!

During eetings with our couples we always talk about how they are organizing their wedding. Andrea and I often find ourselves giving them advices and tips, both generic and very specific, on the many topics we deal with. Although we are pleased to give tips on issues that do not concern us strictly as professionals – but that we know deeply, thanks to our experience –, of course what we care the most is the best result for photographs and videos: we often talk about even the simplest precautions to follow in order to obtain the maximum result in every situation.

So I decided to summarize our best tips for your wedding photos by theme. Here they are divided into 8 topics!

8 tips for your wedding photos

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