Winter wedding

5 reasons to get married in winter

I've always preferred winter to summer, cold to warm, Christmas over all the other holidays, so You can say that I'm definitely a winter lover. I will then explain to You in 5 points what are the advantages of planning a winter wedding under the snowflakes.

Winter wedding

A romantic kiss of a winter wedding in Rome

1. A charming marriage

Many couples try to make their wedding original and special: if You are one of them, a winter wedding gives You a pretty good advantage. Indeed, winter weddings are uncommon.

Think, for example, how it would be special to get married in New Year's Eve, when one year ends and another begins, as well as your new life together!

Or You can make your wedding original choosing a very special set-up. Is there anything more fascinating than a fireplace, candles and maybe snow?

A plan de mariage Christmas-themed

A plan de mariage Christmas-themed

2. Avoid the heat

Let's say it: the nightmare for every wedding guest is to suffer the summer heat — at least here in Rome — !
Getting married in winter time will allow You to cheer up all your guests and even Yourself.
That annoying fan inside the church and those sweat drops won't be a problem for You and Your guests!

Furthermore, protecting yourself from the cold will allow You to adopt special solutions for Your wedding outfit that could be very nice, such as wearing a (fake) fur coat or an elegant shawl over the classic white dress.

A bride with fur coat over her shoulders

The fur worn by Valentina

3. So much easier

A winter wedding, or any off season wedding, gives You a lot of planning advantages: the venues for the party, the churches for the ceremony and all the others suppliers (including us) are usually less busy, so it will be easier for You to find a date without worrying that other couples could have booked them before You.
All suppliers will have also more time to spend planning your wedding with You.

Then think about the wedding banquet: You can choose meals suitable during winter time, very different from the ones You can have in summertime; You could have served a hot tea or chocolate with biscuits after the lunch; and, to top it off, a tasting of spirits and dark chocolates, a perfect ending for a cold winter night.

Rum bottles and glasses in an amazing Christmas time night

Rum — and other spirits — for warming a winter night

4. Avoid the biggest worry

We all know that the greatest fear of every bride and groom is a rainy day. We always try to organize a plan B and the obsession in the days preceding the fateful I do is spasmodically checking the weather.

Planning a wedding in the winter cut out the wedding with the rain issue. Ceremony, lunch or dinner and dances will all be already planned indoors, so You can relax and avoid a great amount of stress.

A bride under the rain at the entrance of the Jewish Tempio Maggiore in Rome

A bride under the rain at the entrance of the Jewish Tempio Maggiore in Rome

5. Daylight is better in winter!

If You are worried that Your wedding photos and film will not look good because You think that the winter light is not the best, let us tell You that You are totally wrong!
When people get married in winter usually choose to do it in the morning. Since the sun is lower in winter than in summer, light is very soft. On the contrary, summer daylight has very strong lights and shadows.
In addition, the winter sky is always much clearer than the summer one, so daytime photos have always a better look in winter.

The Winter Wedding Trailer "Let it Snow" of Alessandro and Martina Wedding

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