Wedding styles

How to choose the wedding style that suits you best

Whether you have always imagined your wedding in a certain way, or whether you are now looking at the realm of wedding styles, talking to your suppliers about a specific wedding style helps you a lot in organizing. And, since organizing a wedding takes time, I am convinced that it is essential to optimize it.
I therefore think that a description of the 10 wedding styles in which I came across more often could be useful to you brides/grooms-to-be.

Wedding styles

A collection of wedding styles described below

Country style wedding

A country style wedding, as the word itself says, is set in the rural context of a countryside or a farm. As for the other wedding styles that will follow, it is not only a matter of frame or location, but a themed wedding is characterized by its details and by the way of living the day. For a country style wedding essential elements are:

  • wedding dress and suit can include themed details:
    • for the bride a pair of boots and a rustic and refined bouquet
    • for the groom the use of braces instead of the belt or the absence of the tie
  • even guests can have more freedom in dressing, ranging from a more casual genre to a more classic and elegant one
  • the set up, the flowers, the table setting, but also obviously tables and chairs, must reflect the style of the country wedding:
    • wildflowers in rustic or more refined combinations
    • centerpieces made with natural materials or with objects used in country life
    • chairs and tables strictly in wood, used without the tablecloth
    • the use of rectangular rather than round tables
    • a type of lighting with many bulbs, if the wedding is celebrated in the afternoon
  • a musical entertainment in full country style is ideal for dancing with the right atmosphere to the rhythmic sound of banjo, acoustic guitars and tambourines

Country style wedding

If you noticed the rustic / refined combination, it is because the setting up of a country style wedding can become a country chic wedding depending on how much you tend to be more elegant than rustic. Instead we speak of shabby chic country wedding for both rustic and elegant contexts, but linked to a very peculiar type of interior design, precisely the shabby chic.

In our gallery you will find a photo shoot of an italian country wedding and of a country chic wedding

Rustic wedding

The difference between a country style wedding and a rustic wedding is very subtle. Given that in this case it is always a matter of rustic and not elegant contexts, the rustic wedding can be carried out in several contexts, while the country style wedding needs a place in the open countryside. here in Italy farmhouses, estates, venues with old renovated barns or with marquees, are ideal for this wedding style.

Rustic wedding

The atmosphere is relaxed, the dresses of newlyweds and guests tend to be casual and there is no room for the rigidity of the most classical weddings.
Ceremony and reception are often celebrated in the same location and usually it is possible for guests to spend the night there.

The set up materials are always natural: wood, flowers and other plant elements such as spikes, berries, cotton flowers or similar. Also metal objects can be used.

Finally, local traditions, genuine food cooked according to ancient recipes, music and traditional dances (perhaps played by particular musical instruments) close the circle of a perfect rustic wedding!

Beach wedding

here in Italy, a peninsula with miles of wonderful coastline, beach wedding is a great classic.
Suitable for couples who love that sense of freedom in getting married and celebrating in the presence of the immensity of the sea, the beach wedding can be truly unforgettable.

Strictly casual clothes, preferably white, gray, sand; open shoes for women, comfortable moccasins for men, with the certainty that, after the ceremony, they will be set aside on the one hand for the pleasure of walking barefoot on the soft sand.

Set up in line with the beach style: from starfish to shells, rather than mother-of-pearl, to summer flowers with shades of the color of the sea, from greenish-blue to the most intense blue. Furnishings with pale woods and / or worn by wind and salt, ropes, large gazebos under which to shelter from the sun, large cushions on which to lie down to enjoy the sunset and the show of the starry sky.

Needless to say, meals will be based on fish, tasty and light for the warm Italian summer evenings.

Matrimonio in spiaggia

A beach wedding is at its best when celebrated in the late afternoon, in order to give its guests the opportunity to celebrate until late at night, with an inevitable midnight swim.

Here is an amazing beach wedding shot by IstantiSenzaTempo.

Outdoor wedding

Among the wedding styles are also the outdoor wedding or the garden wedding.
Usually this type of wedding is characterized by having the rite celebration in an outdoor area, like a clearing among the trees or a garden. Afterwards, the celebrations can continue in open spaces or even indoors, depending on the venue and the season of the year.

Italians prefer formal wear in these cases, while foreigners can also opt for more casual clothing.

The set up is elegant and delicate: it can have references to the theme chosen by the couple, but these details have to be congruent with the context: in fact venues with large spaces or gardens where to celebrate the outdoor wedding are villas of a certain refinement and that references have not to be kitsch.
In the event of an afternoon event, the candles, at the tables or in outdoor spaces, can give a feeling of warmth and romance, together with flowers in warm colors or in pastel shades, and glass elements that reflect the soft light.

Outdoor wedding

For the party after lunch or dinner you generally opt for a musical group or a DJ set able to unleash even the most shy guests.

From our gallery, here is an elegant outdoor wedding in Rome.

Industrial wedding

An industrial wedding refers to the furniture style of the same name which provides not only the recycling of vintage objects as an integral part of a decor, but also structures and materials that recall industrial environments of the last century: exposed pipes, old-style lamps and bulbs, rough or brick walls, wooden and metal furniture and structures, exposed beams and gears, large watches made by wood and metal.
A style that, if heightened, can lead to a steampunk wedding, also very characteristic and recognizable, in which watches, gears and keys, pipes and strange objects of a past future attract the attention of all guests.

As far as I am concerned, I've never had bride or groom with eccentric dress or suit, but it is surely possible that they wear themed clothing, especially in the case of the steampunk wedding: a lovely bodice, special accessories, flounces for the wedding dress would be perfectly in theme, as well as a dress with a retro touch, damask fabrics, studs, a top hat and a stick for the groom's attire.

The set up should obviously follow the same style, preferring rough woods, dark metals and vintage objects, as well as the table setting: colored glasses or metal glasses, special plates and cutlery.

Industrial wedding

The choice of the music for the party is easier than ever: techno, industrial, electronic, cyberpunk are ideal genres to create the perfect atmosphere for a wild after dinner, with a powerful lighting system and smoke machines in order to increase involvement in a timeless environment.

Vineyard wedding

A vineyard wedding is the most romantic wedding you could wish for: think of the late summer colors, just before the grape harvest, when the vines are still full of fruits and the weather starts to get cool and pleasant at all hours of the day. Think of the rows of vines that, regular and precise, mark the space.
But a vineyard wedding is not only this, because the vineyard is usually managed by people who love their territory and who often produce excellent wine from their grapes.

You can link this environment to a rustic wedding, but in this case the setting is very refined and elegant: when you think about important wine, you immediately connect it to tasting it in a classy environment.

So, elegant and formal clothes for everyone, well-kept and impeccable settings like those of a high-level country club, elements that recall the vineyard and the country context, but always with class and gently.
In terms of centerpieces and table setting you have a lot of freedom of choice, preferring, as in all contexts where elegance is the master, the arrangement of one or more imperial tables rather than round tables.

Vineyard wedding

Food is usually high-quality and well-finished and comes from the surrounding area. There are modern interpretations of traditional dishes, using strictly seasonal vegetables.

After the meal, thew party is celebrated in a sober way, with quality music, sipping some spirits produced with the must obtained from the grapes used for wine.

Boho wedding

The boho style, or more correctly boho-chic, is a recent women's fashion style that refers to two historical movements, the Bohéme and the Hippy, ennobled by the word chic that in French language identifies the elegance and the refinement.
Airy skirts and dresses with flounces, laces and embroidery, refined vests, wide hats, boots and cowboy-style accessories, loose cardigans, characterized the boho-chic style in the first decade of this century.

It did not take long for this style to influence the wedding industry, extending its characteristic elements to men's clothes and in general to the settings and the way of living the wedding day.

Boho wedding

A boho chic wedding is therefore elegant and refined, linked to nature and cultures that respect it.
I have already described women's clothes. Men's ones are elegant, but not classic: delicate colors with light contrasts, shirt and tie plain or with non-invasive patterns. There are actually no restrictive rules and, it's very close to the style of the country-chic dress.

As regards the set up, in addition of course to laces, natural materials and candles are preferred, up to the use of characteristic elements such as feathers and even tribal elements such as dreamcatchers and horns and skulls of animals (possibly from ethical breeding), a sign of thanks towards animals themselves and nature.

Having a strongly respectful connotation of nature, the boho wedding is celebrated outdoors, in any context: hill, countryside, beach or mountain.

Wedding in the woods

A wedding in the woods is the closest thing to nature: you feel protected by the foliage of the trees, you exchange your promises in a quiet and secluded environment, around you it is only the presence of nature, which also witnesses the union between you as bride and groom.

There are no particular rules for clothes: you can range from casual to elegant, perhaps avoiding the more classic ones. We can draw inspiration from similar wedding styles, such as the boho-chic wedding or the rustic wedding or the outdoor wedding.

Set up will obviously be based on natural elements inspired by the undergrowth: wood, leaves, mosses, lichens, mushrooms. The presence of candles helps to give a sense of warmth and light brightness that pairs well with the dark colors of the used materials.

Wedding in the woods

Usually couples so sensitive on ecological issues prefer a cuisine based on local and seasonal ingredients; sometimes vegetarian menus are preferred.
In similar situations, you can think of using recyclable material, at least for the part of the appetizers, proof of a real sustainable wedding, in line with the deep closeness and respect towards nature.

In the gallery there is the photo shoot of an amazing wedding in the woods that you must absolutely look!

Chic wedding

In the fashion world I could say that there is no more "French" word than chic. To the point that this word is not only internationally recognized, but is now associated with contexts that are also completely unrelated to fashion. Here I am, in fact, talking to you about the chic wedding or luxury wedding, the elegant and refined wedding par excellence.

Usually a type of classic elegance is associated with the chic style, but you should not be afraid to dare, breaking traditional patterns: a man can be very elegant even if he does not wear a formal trouser, but a suit with a more contemporary style. In the same way, the bride has more than one trick up her sleeve to represent her refinement in the choice of dress and accessories.

For a chic wedding the venue must necessarily be of a certain level, so you are limited in choosing villas, important hotels or luxury country clubs.
Likewise, everything related to the set-ups, in venue but also for the ceremony (if it's in a holy place), must be rigorously elegant and refined. Certainly you must be careful not falling into baroque and excess: is a short step from a chic marriage to a kitsch one!

Chic wedding should not be confused with the glamorous wedding, in which the decorations are more extravagant and the focus is more on flashy gimmicks and not on a sense of elegance and general refinement.

Chic wedding, luxury wedding

It is not for everyone to manage a chic wedding: you have to know how to "wear" it and feel at ease at the same time. Just like Vanessa and Nick!

DIY wedding

This is the last of the 10 wedding styles: the DIY wedding!

If, in some cases, the DIY wedding is just a way to save money with more or less questionable results, in the most interesting cases it is managed by those couples who have artistic skills, both because they work precisely in artistic fields and because they have talents they exercise every day.
For me, photographer, it becomes even a greater pleasure knowing that I'll leave a memory also of bride and groom's creations seen through my eyes.

In weddings of this type there are no particular rules and usually all aspects of marriage are at the discretion of the couple. However for my experience I can reasonably say that the couple - being artists - prefer an elegant but not classic style: they focus on the search for the particular, unconventional details, almost extravagant, but never tacky.

DIY wedding

The general result is always very uncommon and never taken for granted, even in those areas where the couple have not been able to create their own creations. In the DIY weddings that I appreciated most, I noticed a solid philosophy that acted as a bond for the entire event and beyond: starting from the couple's way of being to the clothes, from the ceremony arrangements to the centerpieces, from the spirit with which the guests lived the day to the venue.
The same philosophy that let the couple live their marriage for months before the fateful day and, nevertheless, live intensely all the emotions on the wedding day itself.

Other wedding styles

I am sure I have left some wedding styles out of this list. While in some cases there are derivative situations compared to those listed, I have deliberately omitted the classic and traditional weddings, which we all know, and the extreme or too extravagant ones.
The latter are so specific that it would be useless to insert them in any classification: whether they are costume weddings, inspired by the most disparate themes or set in the most improbable locations, they are always a pleasant surprise and it is very fun and stimulating for me to photograph them. Indeed, if you, bride or groom to be, are organizing an unconventional wedding, tell me your story and what you're up to: you will surely have a high probability of being published here on the blog or in the galleries!

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