Wedding photography quote

What it contains and what is it for?

A few days ago I received an e-mail request for information for a wedding photo shoot, of the kind I rarely get: containing very little information, no phone number and with a immediate request for a quote.

I already know how these requests usually turn out (spoiler: bad). I already know that I should reply that I am already booked for that date, but I always have that underlying optimism that does not allow me to do so and I can only respond politely by explaining that, no, I cannot send a quote under those conditions.

I also know that there is never any nastiness or disrespect behind such a request, so I always try to explain my point of view.
My point of view is that IstantiSenzaTempo does not offer only material goods, as can be the printing of a photograph. IstantiSenzaTempo offers an experience, which begins before the contract is signed and ends (if it ends) long after the event.

You can read the testimonials from our customers, which tell that. And it's evidenced by the WhatsApp groups with "our" couples, that are still alive, fresh and sparkling (however, we keep them for ourselves and do not make them public).
Because we are not machines that assemble a car and take out the bill based on the chosen extra. Our working method is very difficult to include in a list of options and their cost.

Wedding photography quote

Our goal is to give you the freedom to be yourselves and recognize yourselves in the photos we will deliver to you

Our "first meetings" with you clients (in person or by videocall) last at least an hour: we know each other and we collect as much information as possible, we about your wedding, you about our work.

We need to understand if there is mutual empathy, if it can work to spend together one of the most important days of your life. We always say: at your wedding we want to be your friends with the camera, not strangers. We are aware that not everyone can like this way of living marriage, so for this very reason we want to be sure that we are the right people for you. Likewise, from the first meeting we may realize that we do not share your expectations and, in this case, we would be the first to pull back.

All this before talking about a price, a quote, that remains just a number if you don't know the whole world behind it. Beware: I'm always talking about both world: our work and your expectations.

You, without a meeting, to us would be nothing more than two names and a date. On the wedding day of we always give our best, we want to get excited and tell our emotions, capture the important moments: how could we be sure to be able to do it with you, if you are only two names and a date on a screen?

In order to give you an analogy to what I'm writing about, I'll ask you a question that I already know the answer to: why do you buy a product on Amazon, even if you find it cheaper elsewhere?
Because it is reliable; because if the shipment is not delivered or is delivered with some dents, they send the product back to you; because if the delivery is late they give you a refund for the trouble; because if the product breaks you don't have to struggle with anyone to get it repaired, just an e-mail or a message via chat; because if you ask for assistance, they also give it to you on Christmas day, one minute after your request.

So when you buy from Amazon, and the same happens when you buy an Apple product, you not only buy an item that is perfect for your needs, but you buy also a huge series of services that you consider essential to avoid problems of any kind.
But you know this, by now they are standards that we are all used to and that we take for granted, we no longer think about them when we click on "Buy".

Wedding in Italy
Wedding in Rome

Making you feel at ease with us, allows us to portray you in candid and natural moments

You can get a sense about IstantiSenzaTempo by looking at our pages on social media and at this website, but nothing will ever be like getting to know us in person (or virtually by a videocall), looking into each other's eyes and having a chat (over a coffee or a cup of tea, if you'll be here).
We will explain everything to you in detail, we will talk to you about how much customer care is essential for us, we will answer your questions and, then yes, we will provide you with all the costs that you could have with us, with the utmost transparency that distinguishes us. We want to be not only the most suitable studio for you in terms of aesthetics of the result, we want to be the people in whom you will place the utmost trust. Because the wedding day is unique and, once it is past, you will not be able to have the memories you expect if you chose a photographer who is not suitable for you.
At that point, only at that point, you will have all the information to decide whether or not we are the best fit for the job.

Dedicating this time to you is part of our job, indeed it is one of the most important parts of our job. It is important for you and for us, both if you choose us to tell about your wedding, and if you don't.

If you are looking only for a quote, a number, please do not contact us: we are not the right people for you.
But if you have come this far in reading, you should contact us to check if your wedding date has not already been booked!

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