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Today I would like to introduce you to something different than what you are used to reading on this blog, but which is always about Weddings and, of course, Photography.

During the past year I have been involved by Mary de La Sposa degli Alberi (meaning The Bride of the Trees) in a very exciting project: the creation of a Wedding Ideas Magazine!

But let's start from the beginning: for those who don't know her, Mary is a talented Wedding Designer, as well as being my wife. A semi-unknown profession here in Italy and often confused with that of a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Designer takes care of designing the stylistic side of the event: from invitations to setting table, from scenic design to centerpieces, from ceremony to seating table, every little detail takes shape after a meticulous analysis of the couple and the place where the event will be celebrated.

After ten years of business and about 200 weddings, Mary has decided to get involved with a new idea, being a creative who never succeeds to stop.
She then thought about how to channel her creativity in order to make it available to those looking for inspiration and ideas for their wedding.

The result was this amazing photographic book, Il Libro delle Idee – idee e scenografie per matrimoni (The Book of Ideas - ideas and scenographies for weddings), of which I would like to tell you my point of view, that of who made the over 230 photographs that tell and describe the 12 original scenographies created by La Sposa degli Alberi.

Wedding Ideas Magazine

The Book of Ideas: the cover and the inner pages

The philosophy behind each of the 12 Wedding Inspirations has very deep roots in Mary and her very personal working methodology. Having a degree in scenography and having a working background in theater, television and cinema, Mary has a very structured mindset. At the same time she is a lover of nature and craftsmanship, so each of her projects is very faithful to what are the elements and natural colors and uses objects entirely handmade by master craftsmen in many different fields.

Floral arrangements are handled by Franz Steiner, a skilled floral designer who is an integral part of the La Sposa degli Alberi team. Refined and sensitive spirit, technically flawless and innovative, Franz represents Mary's perfect collaborator: watching them work together is truly a spectacle, both in the creative phase and in the preparation phase! Their ideas intertwine, chase each other, recover and find themselves in what is an harmonious and organic realization.

Also taking part in the project were several Wedding Venue that framed the scenographies and many artisans who provided Mary with their creations made in a completely organic way with respect to her projects and her vision: elements of table setting, centerpieces, structures, jewels, papers, candles, letters written by a calligrapher, ... every single detail has contributed to making unique each of the 12 Wedding Inspirations of the Book of Ideas.

Wedding in the woods
Wedding in the woods: details

A setting up of a wedding in the woods: it seems like the time when The Folk show up to celebrate together with the newlyweds

You can understand that, for me, it was very stimulating to be able to photograph such particular sets, in order to enhance every single element and the work of each craftsman who participated in them.
I wanted to take part in every set-up right from the start: seeing the "construction" of every single scenography starting from nothing allowed me to understand what the most important elements could be, but above all it allowed me to actively participate to the realization of every single scenography, obviously from a photographic point of view.

I was able to recommend the best location for each scene in terms of light.
I had the time to photograph the many details not included directly in the scenographies: the invitations and prints in general, the rings, the cufflinks and all the other jewels. In fact, I was able to scout the venues in order to find the most suitable "sets" for this type of photography and for the spirit of the entire project.

I've always waited a long time for the best light for each photograph, to be able to insert in every shot the light that makes an image truly "magical".

Finally I made 12 different editing, each intimately linked to the atmosphere that each set conveyed.

The project was long and demanding and certainly did not end with the photographs: Mary then culled them and made a layout of the book, taking care of the graphic part and inserting a Moodboard for each Wedding Inspiration, containing a brief description of the wedding idea and the color palette that was the basis on which the entire installation was designed.

The result is this stunning 186 pages book divided into 12 sections, each containing a Wedding Inspiration.
I refer you to the La Sposa degli Alberi website to browse for free the preview of the first section of the book, containing the inspiration for a Wedding in the woods and possibly buy the digital copy on ISSUU at a very low price for the enormous value it has.

Romantic wedding inspiration
Romantic wedding inspiration: table setting

A Romantic Wedding Inspiration: the colors of the sunset blend with the gold details of the table setting

Browse the preview for free!

Our intent is in fact to show you the power of creativity when it is in the right hands and in the head of those who manage to coordinate projects like these: the Wedding Style transcends what Mary like to define a Stylish Wedding.
And, in showing you our Wedding Inspirations, we would like to give you always brand new and original Wedding Ideas to make the wedding of your dreams come true.

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