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How to plan Your Wedding

11 tips that let You plan Your Wedding easy-peasy and having fun

"Why do I find these tips in a photographer's Blog?", You might wonder. I'm experienced in Wedding and my wife is a Wedding Designer, so I can say that I learnt a lot of organisational part of Weddings. Moreover I have a different perspective than a Wedding Planner, so I have both neutral and reliable point of view about Wedding planning.

Here are my list of tips, ordered by priority: I'm sure You'll find them very useful! If You think I miss something, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll add it.

How to plan Your Wedding

You can do it! Your goal is nearer that You think!

1. Set the date

First thing is the date of your Wedding Day. Start jotting down more than one date, then narrow down the list to one date. Do you think it's easy? You're wrong:

  • it has to be a convenient date for both You and your guests (if You want them!): avoid time of the year when You know You'll be busy for work, for example
  • be aware of feast days, religious or civil, in your country or in the one where You will get married
  • keep in mind season climate, even if today is very difficult to forecast it
  • also consider seasons other than the classic ones: prendete in considerazione anche stagioni diverse da quelle classiche: search on Pinterest, You'll surely find out a lot of amazing frames for Your Wedding!
  • a great idea is choosing a meaningful date for You! I and my wife Mary get married on 9th of July, the same date of both mine and her parents' Wedding!

A calendar with an highlighted date

Find the right date is the first step towards your goal!

2. Be well

While You're planning your Wedding, there are a lot of things to monitor: todo lists, deadlines, quotes to save, notes to write down, inspirations, a budget to manage, and so on! I suggest You to use both paper and digital solutions, in order to miss nothing!
First of all, get a folder or a ring binder, where You can organize all Your papers. And don't miss a Wedding Book/Organizer, a special notebook made exactly with this purpose: they have sections, special sheets, guided tables and pockets. You have just to choose the one You like the most!

There are also a lot of Apps for smartphone and tablets that can help You saving digital information. This is a list of my favourite:

A useful and elegant folder for Your documents

Get Your folder: practical but also stylish!

3. Budget

You must have a reference budget before searching the Wedding Venue and You suppliers: You have to know how much You can spend for different services. It doesn't matter if your budget is small, medium or large: every budget has its own limit and You have to know it!
Since largest cost item is the Venue, is important to know the number of your guests: if the medium cost per person is €/$ 100,00, 10 people make a difference of €/$ 1000,00! — and this is an effective way to cut costs.

Finally remember to have some margin for unexpected expenses: I recommend You to expect and manage them rather than having trouble during the days before the Wedding Day.

Bride and groom to be put money in a piggy bank

Be careful about useless expenses, but don't turn down thing You love the most.

4. Do You
need help?

You have to enjoy the preparation for the Wedding as the Wedding Day itself. Trust me: after that amazing day, You'll miss that daily task. But, even if is funny and pleasant, it's always a task added to your usual ones.

So, if You have a busy life and You think You won't have enough time to plan Your Wedding, take into consideration the help of a professional: a Wedding Planner can manage your budget, can act through the jungle of suppliers, can satisfy your requests at the best. Certainly he/she costs, but You buy the time You'll save and convenient solutions You probably are not aware of.

A bride-to-be carefully listening a Wedding Planner

A committed professional can help You beyond expectation

5. Location

First things to find are Ceremony and Reception locations. If You are not interested in a religious ceremony, it's better for You and your guests to plan getting ready, ceremony and reception in the same place — You'll surely have more coherent photos all day long —. Since their availability could be a issue, You have to book them in order to set the finale date of your Wedding!

If You'd like to have outdoor both ceremony and reception, don't overlook a very important thing: make sure that the venue has a backup plan if weather will be rainy, a plan as beautiful as the orginal one.

Another element to be reckoned with is being able to have full faculty to choose other suppliers: some locations impose one or more services — banqueting / catering, florists, designer, planner and even the photographer! —. Run away as far as possible and boycott locations that work this way! Marriage is a unique event in your life: make sure that you can always have the last word and write everything in the contract.

A Wedding Venue near Rome, Italy

An amazing Wedding Venue near Rome, Casale 500, where I shot Veronica and Patrizio Wedding

6. Other

Once you'll set the frame of your Wedding, it will be simple to choose a consistent style, looking for one or more suppliers for arrangements and decorations. Part of these could be provided by the location itself or by the catering / banqueting: both for the ceremony and for the reception, you should be able to choose some furnishing elements such tables and seats, tablecloths, mise en place. For the floral arrangements and decorations, you will need to contact other professionals, such as a flower designer or a wedding designer.

Other important suppliers to be booked not too late are: photographer and videomaker (at least 8-12 months before the event), musicians (6 months before) and, even closer to the event, ancillary services such as animation for children, cigar and rum stand, cocktail bar, wedding cake and so on.

Wedding cake

Wedding cake of Ylenia and Andrea, made by Le 7 Fonti's Chef

7. Dresses

A relatively short time is enough to get a male suit, unless you want something very special, whereas for a female dress it is much more laborious: not only You will have to find the piece that, once worn, you will feel like yours, but it will take months to literally sew it as a second skin and make it fit You perfectly. So, start in advance the search for your dress and don't underestimate it.

If You'd like to dress in a special way also witnesses and bridesmaids, act in time also for their clothes: remember that there are always many things to do and they will overlap in last months before the Wedding Day: if you manage to anticipate times and issues, you will have no problems whatsoever.

Wedding dress

The peculiar Alice's wedding dress

8. Invitations

You should sent invitations to the guests about two or three months before the Wedding Day: make sure You have them in time and do not wait until the last minute to contact a professional who can design them for You and with You. If you want an invitation that makes its mark, that is personalized and consistent with colors, style and arrangements and decorations of your Wedding, You need time to get it and a first proof of printing.
Don't settle for generic and impersonal solutions: invitation is a first taste of what You will offer to your guests, so make sure You talk about yourself and give some clues about the style and theme of your Wedding.

Even if You don't know how many people will decline your invitation, communicate to venue and banqueting / catering the number of invited guests decreased by 10-15%: it is a usual drop and, if it won't, the confirmation that You will give 7-10 days before the event will fix it.

A peculiar Wedding Invitation

A peculiar Wedding Invitation, made by La Sposa degli Alberi

9. Rings

Usually there's no need to be in a hurry for your Wedding Rings, but it always depends on what You are looking for. While a catalog product is chosen and ordered of the right size and requires at most few weeks for delivery, personalized wedding rings have different creation process: your trusted goldsmith designes them, makes silver prototypes, maybe gathers from You metals from objects that belonged to your loved ones and realize them. Also in this case, therefore, there may be processes that require time and dedication.

If You're looking for an unconventional wedding, You'll need the right time and probably an higher than average expenditure, for all the special services You're asking for.

Wedding rings

Two Wedding Rings under a starry sky

10. Hospitality

If You have guests arriving from abroad, it is essential to find accommodation for them nearby the wedding location. The biggest problem You have is that You will not know the real number of people to be hosted until ten days before the wedding day (yes, people will not answer early to your invitation).

In order to avoid this problem as much as possible, in your search among hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs and so on, be very clear with the owners of the facilities you are addressing. Provide them the number of people to be hosted and those in doubt, so as to find an advantageous economic agreement for both parties, even if at the last moment You had to free up some room.

An hotel room for your guests

Accommodation in a hotel room is ideal for guests coming from abroad

11. Bureaucracy

There's a certainty: You will have to deal with bureaucracy if You want to get married abroad, in a Country other than the one in which one or both of You have citizenship. In complex cases it might be useful to rely on a Wedding Planner, who knows very well how to manage them. In other situations, if the venue is used to managing situations of this type, it can advise You for the best and, in some cases, provide You with concrete help.

In general, always inquire at the competent offices (Municipality or Embassy, ​​as appropriate) about the procedures to be followed: there are always deadlines to be met for submitting documents and sending certificates after You are married.
In short, be very careful because a simple detail could make You postpone the marriage or cause You problems later. Nothing that cannot be overcome, but if you know how to make everything go smoothly, You will gain peace of mind before, during and after the wedding!

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