Engagement Video in Mexico

Video shooting among Mexico and United States

Engagement video in Mexico

Lucy and Mario dance together in Explanada Baca Calderòn square.

Baila! Couldn't be different the title for this Mexican-United States engagement video service.
Mario and Lucy in fact met thanks to the dance. Both have a great passion for bachata, salsa and especially cumbia: the other protagonist of this engagement video service.

Engagement in Mexico

Mario and Lucy at the golden hour.

The two dancers met at the Latin American dance academy in Nuevo Laredo and fell in love.
On a March day, as usually happens during training in dance schools, after a warm-up session, the teachers invited to make couples to start dancing and Mario still remembers the exact moment when after the stretching exercises he turned and invited Lucy for their first dance together.
In particular, it was Lucy's charming smile that made Mario fall in love instantly, the classic love at first sight. So, after class, Mario felt that he had to get the chance to know Lucy better, so he took courage and he went with her to the car where he managed to get a social network contact.
Once at home, the first thing Mario did was to write to Lucy and so they started talking for a long time, until late at night.
Despite the first magical meeting and mutual attraction, Lucy was a little hesitant at first and for a short time they met as friends until, on the occasion of a wedding party in Nuevo Laredo of Mario's friends, Lucy let herself go.
So they began a beautiful love story that recently led Mario proposing himself to Lucy who happily said yes!
This is exactly what we are celebrating with this video.

Video analysis

Knowing their love story and how dancing was and is important to Lucy and Mario, I thought that the most representative and natural choice for telling their love story was to make them dance in their engagement video!
I don't need to say that when I proposed it, both of them were enthusiastic about the idea of ​​including the dance in their video.
However I didn't want to make a cumbia music videoclip. In fact I also wanted to give the idea of their most intimate and romantic moments. For this reason, in the video there are various situations, both romantic and carefree in addition to the dances of the protagonists at the cumbia rhythm.

A couple embracing during an engagement shooting

A tender hug between Lucy and Mario.

The video opens with the map coordinates and the description of where we are: we are in Nuevo Laredo, a city at the north of Mexico, right on the border with the United States of America. In fact it is only the Rio Bravo River (or Rio Grande for the Americans) that divides Nuevo Laredo (Mexico) from Laredo Texas (USA).
Being able to shoot an engagement shooting in this border city was of big interest as the two cultures mix and influence each other greatly here.
A desert, typical landscape of this area, is the first image we see and shortly after a Lucy and Mario on it appears and also we can hear a radio effect in search of the right station. In this way I immediately presented all the elements of the video without revealing any of them at full.

Overlap of desert landscape and a couple

The protagonists and the typical landscape of the Mexican-US border.

The video continues with Lucy dancing alone in the kiosk of one of the main squares in the city, obviously on a cumbia rhythm. An abrupt change of scene with audiovisual effects remembering a radio interference, show the two protagonists in romantic moments at the sunset light in a dreamy and unreal atmosphere, and then we return to "reality" with Mario's presentation in Piazza Explanada Baca Calderòn also him dancing alone.

Dancing girl

Lucy dancing alone inside the kiosk.

In this way we presented the two characters in separate places, as free individuals but already united by dance. It continues with a phase that combines the two moods and brings the two protagonists closer to join them as a couple. In fact Mario approaches Lucy until he reaches her and asks her to dance together, this symbolizing the beginning of their story together. From here they start a dance together and some clips shows meanwhile joy and happiness moments. Happy and in love just like they are!

Un ragazzo chiede a una ragazza di ballare

The moment when Mario asks Lucy to dance.

Another and last dreamy moment shows a Lucy close-up with closed eyes, once again recalling the dream. Here Lucy seems to remember moments of daily happiness with Mario, until she opens her eyes and realizes that everything is real, and so the dance between the two keeps playing in all the places that we saw as background to the video, that ends with a nice dipping.

Girl dipping dance

Lucy dipping

For the most technical readers, the video was shot entirely handly with a panasonic Gh5 with a Sigma 12-35 and viltrox adapter. Edited with Premire Pro.

Videomaker backstage

A backstage photo.

I hope you enjoyed the video and if so, and you are thinking to getting married why don't we make a personalized video for you? Contact us and let's talk!

A selfie with clients

Selfie group.

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