The emotion of looking at your wedding photographs

It is an emotion not only yours, but also ours

Delivering of the wedding photographs is always a great emotion for you couples. After waiting my creative process and post-production work to be completed, you are finally ready to relive those moments that literally flew by, despite having lasted a whole day.

But trust me, in delivering your wedding pictures I also feel a great emotion, albeit different from yours.
The result of my work, imbued with everything I experienced with you that day, is finally ready. You still don't know what your photographs look like, because my editing is, every time, different from the previous ones. My editing process is in fact linked to how you are and to the sensations it gave me living on your wedding day: I will always be different, so the final result will always be totally different from the other weddings.
You do not yet know how I portrayed you, you do not yet know where and how I stopped my gaze. You trusted me blindly.

So I can't help but be excited, I'd like to be there with you to witness your reactions to every single shot. Instead, I usually deliver the pictures in electronic format, basically for three reasons:

  • in order to reduce as much as possible the time that separate you from being able to look at your photographs;
  • many of my clients live abroad or far away from Rome;
  • because I am convinced that the "first view" should be a moment lived in intimacy.

Surely you have to be together, but the place and the time dedicated to fruition must also be the right ones.
Unfortunately there have been very few cases in which I have been able to be the spectator of my clients looking at their photographs.

So I thought about how to solve this "problem", to be close to you as during the entire journey that we traveled together until the delivery of the photographs, but at the same time without being intrusive.
And I found a solution, which also allowed me to improve your "first view"!

Read on if you're curious to see a practical example of what I've accomplished!

The emotion of looking at your wedding photographs

How do you plan to look at your wedding photos for the first time?

I thought that the best solution was to present you a selection of about hundred photographs in the form of a slideshow.
However, I was not interested in those pre-packaged solutions that produce slideshows that are all identical to each other because they are based on a limited number of soundtrack and automatic routines. As with all the rest of my work, I'd like to customize this aspect too: I want to be able to choose one or more accompanying music suitable for you, possibly mix them with each other, choose the times with which to show the photographs, the transitions, the moments of silence and those without images. In short, even in this case, the opportunity is excellent to tell you the story of your wedding, but in a completely different way than a series of individual photographs.

So I started studying for a while, guided by Andrea (the convenience of having a videographer at home!) and, since for 2020 weddings, I started making these slideshows manually, with the same software that Andrea uses to edit his wedding videos.
This way I am sure that the photos will be seen in the right order, at the right time and with the perfect musical accompaniment!

And how did I solve the fact of not being present at the vision instead? Simple: I asked my couples to film theirselves with a cell phone while they were watching the slideshow and send me the video! After syncing the slideshow to their video thanks to the musical accompaniment, I was able to enjoy all the reactions, just as if I had been with them!

For me, for us, you are not just customers: you are the people with whom we live one of the days that will change your life, right from the moment of its preparation. This, if needed, is another example of how genuinely we are interested in being involved in order to give you the best memory of that day.
Even at the cost of increasing our workload: I liked this test so much that I decided to always deliver this slideshow from now on, including it in our Essential offer without increasing the cost.

I finally let you enjoy the Raffaella and Marco wedding slideshow, a very loving couple who lives in Tuscany and who got married in Valdarno, in the splendid setting of the Tuscan hills.

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