Maternity photo shoot in Rome

Waiting for a new life

There are days in your life that are indelible. Those of the first times for example, such as the first day of school, the first evening out with friends, the first kiss. Then there are days that mark you forever, in a positive or negative way. We tell the happiest days of your life, we often tell the day of your wedding, that usually is defined as THE most important day of all and of course we are the first to believe it. However, maybe to be honest it is likely THE most important day is the birth of a child. In fact, it will probably be the day that will truly revolutionize your life. And what about those nine months preceding that moment? They will surely forever be an unforgettable period, strange in some ways. The waiting, the fears, the desires, the enthusiasm; every emotion will be amplified to its maximum and a woman's body will never be so feminine. It is certainly a moment that we believe it is right to tell about.

Maternity photo shoot in Rome

Martina and Edoardo are expecting their first daughter: Alice. For me it was a particularly photo shoot because I shared all five years of high school with Edoardo. We weren't very close friends in school, but life is funny and unlike friendships that were once very strong and then vanished within a few months, Edoardo has remained a constant person in my life.
Seeing over time all the path, the maturation and the goals reached is undoubtedly fascinating and being called by him because he likes my work and not because I am the friend with the camera, has filled me with joy and enthusiasm.
We decided to wait for the last month of pregnancy to organize a Maternity photo shoot in Rome and tell about this special moment. So, one hot day in late summer we met at the Parco degli Acquedotti in Rome and we took these photographs at the warm colors of the sunset.

Maternity photo shoot near Rome

Maternity photo shoot at Parco degli Acquedotti

Maternity photo shoot

Photo shoot during maternity

Maternity photo shoot at sunset

Couple photoshoot in Rome

Photo shoot waiting for a child

Maternity and couple photo shoot

Pregnant woman at sunset

Belly of a pregnant woman

Pregnant woman

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