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I understand

I am Wedding Photographer

With apparently "little" job comes great responsibility

"What do You do for living?", once asked me a stranger.
"I am a Photographer", I answered.
"Wow, it has to be an amazing job!" is the typical reply.

An old medium format camera

An old medium format Rolleiflex camera

Then I think to myself: I am not Steve McCurry nor a reporter from a war zone: I'm just a Wedding Photographer.

But which are the real duties of a Wedding Photographer? I can't speak in general terms, but I think that it's a very difficult job: a Wedding Photographer must have a special state of mind, otherwise his photos are insensitive. It's not about technique, it's about emotions and feelings.

You know how emotions work: they are intense but ephemeral. Peaks, sometimes unbearable, that time lessens little by little. During Your entire lifetime You'll feel weaker or less recurring emotions but joy, happiness, sadness, pain will be always part of Your life.

I am a Wedding Photographer and I have a great, huge responsibility: over a considerable period of time, I must be good at making You relive the emotions of Your Wedding Day, like the first time. In 10, 20, 50 years You'll hold in Your hands that dusty, old, creased photo book we designed together, and You'll be there again, out of time. You'll relive all the emotions with watery eyes remembering one of the most beautiful day of Your life.

As said before, I am not Steve McCurry nor a reporter from a war zone: I'm just a Wedding Photographer. And that's exactly why I damn love my job.

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