Couple Photo Shooting in Rome

The right way to have a different memory from couple portraits during the wedding

A day in early autumn of 2020, when the aftermath of summer is still there. A sudden drizzle gives way to a clear sky and a sun that warms us.
The Eternal City devoid of the usual crowd of tourists due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Two lovers, me and a few citizens wandering the streets of the city.

Alice and Fabrizio will get married in a few days but, knowing that we will not have much time for couple portraits after the ceremony, which will be held close to sunset, we organized a couple shooting in the center of Rome.
They chose the place: as Romans who have now settled in Germany, they wanted a memory that could tell together their love and that for their hometown. We have therefore organized a pleasant walk which begins at the Capitol and then unfolds like a ribbon between the narrowest streets of the center, the Tiber Island and Trastevere.

We have no limits of time or space: we have decided to be together for the right time, we will surely realize when the time to say goodbye has come.
As usual, before I start shooting I give them some suggestions in case they don't know what to do in front of the lens. But they are amazing from the very first photographs and it is truly a pleasure to watch their pure love shown without any kind of embarrassment towards me. Glances, smiles, hugs, kisses, caresses: everything seems to wrap around them, Rome itself seems to be there to embrace them, no longer caput mundi but just a witness and a frame of a feeling so strong that goes beyond time and space.

So, while walking and chatting, I learn that Alice is pregnant: this photo shoot takes on an even more tender shade. But I often begin to ask Alice if she is tired of walking in heels on the cobblestones of Rome! But I must admit that she really has a lot of stamina, since she walks for miles without saying a word.

Absorbed as we are from our activities, we don't even think about stopping for a coffee, while the afternoon slowly fades into sunset. The light softens, the shadows are less clear, but I'm not looking for the perfect light: I don't want to ruin such a magical moment, the important thing is the very moment, freezing the memory of that delicacy, that complicity, that happiness that we seek so much and that sometimes, in times of difficulty, we forget that we are so close to it.

The following is part of the story of that day in early autumn 2020. A couple photo shooting in Rome that becomes the story of a love.

Couple Photo Shooting in Rome
Couple Shooting
Couple hugging and smiling
Couple hugging and kissing
Couple kissing amd hugging
Silhouette of a kissing couple
Couple smiling photo shoot
Couple Photo Shooting at Imperial Forums in Rome
Couple photo shooting on a wall with a view on the Imperial Forums
Romantic Couple photo shooting in Rome
Couple Photo Shooting at Imperial Forums in Rome
Couple Photo Shooting
Couple looking an amazing view of Rome
Photo Shooting of a loving couple
Amazing couple photo shooting
Couple photoshooting: detail
Couple photoshooting: detail of the engagement ring
Couple photoshooting in the streets of Rome
Couple photoshooting walking through the streets of Rome
Amazing couple photo shooting in Rome
Couple photo shooting on a bridge of Rome
Couple photo shooting at the Tiber island
Romantic couple shooting at the Tiber Island
Romantic and unusual couple shooting at the Tiber island
Unusual couple shooting at the Tiber island
Romantic couple shooting at the Tiber Island in Rome
Romantic couple shooting at Sunset
Romantic couple shooting at Sunset in Rome
Romantic couple shooting along the Tiber
Couple shooting at night
Couple shooting in Trastevere
Romantic couple shooting in Trastevere

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