How long should be a Wedding Film

Time is relative

How long should be a Wedding Video? Keep reading and You'll find the answer!

How long should be a Wedding Film

Frame from Shooting “Find Me” — Detail of a watch

The average duration of IstantiSenzaTempo Wedding Films

IstantiSenzaTempo Wedding Films don't have a fixed duration. Wedding video will last as long as necessary to tell the event and the emotions.
Therefore, the lenght of your Wedding Film will depend on how the marriage develops and the material I will have available.

Anyway I can say that the average time of my videos is about 15 minutes. I think that this time is usually enough to narrate the event at best without boring viewers.

If You're thinking that 15 minutes are few, You may have in mind the old, 50 minutes-lasting Wedding Videos. Keep reading, I am sure You'll change your mind!

Time in movies does not exist: a fast test

Think of five movies, for example your favourite ones.

Movie poster collage

Have You chosen one of these famous movies?

Well, now think about what period of time each movie tells.

Do you see? They are very different each other! Truth is: in 120 minutes a movie can tell stories that relate to a day, years or a lifetime. The movie time is therefore irrelevant to the story.
Even for short films, that also last about 15 minutes, it’s the same: they can tell very different periods of time.

Do you think now that 15 minutes is not enough to tell your marriage?

IstantiSenzaTempo guarantees an high-quality product

Free from being restricted by a specific length, I can focus on the Wedding Film’s story: I don't impair the quality adding unnecessary clips in order to reach a specific length imposed by my clients. Indeed They trust me and my vision, They know that I'll edit their Wedding Film with the right rhythm to give them the best memory of their special day!

Taking movies as my reference, in all my Wedding Films I apply the script temporal rules — I will discuss them in detail in a further article — even if in this case I can apply these rules in post-production and not in pre-production as in movies.
These rules are based on scientific methods which keep the viewers attention alive.

Couple looking a Wedding Film

Couple looking a Wedding Film

Moreover, in this process the choice of the soundtrack is crucial to give the right rhythm. This is one of many reasons why I do not let the couple choose it, but I will select it related to the story while taking into account musical tastes of the clients (an article about is coming soon).

Frame picturing a gramophone

Frame from Shooting “Find Me” — Gramophone

Most complex cases and how they are solved

Complex cases might be marriages with several important happenings to be included in the Film:

  • Weddings with a Civil Ceremony at the Venue: usually bride, groom and a lot of guests make speeches
  • A Reception with many activities
  • More-days Weddings
Wedding Films can be more complex to edit because they have to tell everything without impairing rhythm. These are rare cases where the video can last up to 20 minutes. Usually in these cases, instead using a chronological narrative, I apply the cinematographic technique called parallel editing.

Parallel editing produces ideological meanings, weaving two or more motifs which alternately repeat. These situations do not necessarily have space-time relationships, but have been chosen to bring out symbolic implications.

One of the most famous and successful example in movies history is in the film The Godfather by F.F. Coppola:

So in Wedding Film the moments of getting ready and reception will be alternate for the entire duration of the video with the ceremony moments.

Can be a wise choice have multiple version of a Wedding Video with different length?

Many videographic studios offer different Wedding Video editings: the full film, the highlights, the teaser an the trailer.
Let's analyze them together.

Full Film

Given the specific video length, Full Film is usually intended just for the couple and close family members. In this video no moment is overlooked and often many videographic simply apply couple choices to avoid problems.

I think instead that the main product of my work is the Full Film and this should be already enjoyable for friends and relatives without boring them.
In fact, I feel real satisfaction only when everyone likes my Wedding Film and no one is bored.

If I had to make other shorter versions to fix this I would consider it a defeat. This is why I suggest You to watch Full Films (or parts of them) when you evaluate which videographer to choose: only in Full Films there is the compromise between what couples wants to see and the artistic product. An IstantiSenzaTempo Full Film:

Highlights Video

Highlights video is a 4-minutes-long video summary. It's named from sports competition summaries, as they are exactly edited to show the best of your Wedding Day without being boring.
Since Highlights videos have usually advertising purposes, videographer expresses himself with the maximum creativity, reserving his efforts to the particular success of this product rather than the Full Film, when he follows customer indications.


The Teaser is a video of a couple of minutes where some images and moments are anticipated in order to excite curiosity to the viewers at the vision of the Highlights or the Full Film.


Instead making Highlights or Teasers, I prefer editing short trailers of 1 minute length in order to drive people viewing the Full Film. It does not anticipate the main parts, as now instead happens for movie trailers. An IstantiSenzaTempo Trailer, fromFulvio and Giorgia Wedding

Price based on edit duration

That said, it is obvious that in my opinion video duration is not the right parameter on which the price depends.
Sometimes shorter videos are more difficult to edit than longer ones: all the highlights and exciting moments has to be edited in a narrow timeline.
So if you are thinking the shortest the video, the cheapest the price: it doesn't work with IstantiSenzaTempo.


Money, so they say / Is the root of all evil today

Extra Clips

Extra Clips is a worthy service I offer. These clips are delivered separately which contains particular moments edited in full version.
An example can be an exciting speech that a guest dedicated to you. The speech will be inserted in Full Film but it would be probably cut in order to not impair its rhythm. However, if you want to keep this beautiful memory, you can always buy it as a separate edit clip just for a small extra cost.

IstantiSenzaTempo|We take care of Your Memories

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